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Sumitomo Paramax Gearmotors and Reducers


Sumitomo’s Paramax industrial gearboxes and reducers are robust and capable of withstanding strong impact loads while featuring high load capacities. They come in a wide variety of sizes as well as with bevel and helical combinations, making them some of the most versatile and customisable gear-motors on the market. Below we take a closer look at these high-quality Sumitomo Paramax products.

PARAMAX 9000 Series Gearmotor

These popular Sumitomo gearboxes are highly functional gear-motors that feature a compact design with an optimized supply chain that enables them to provide fast delivery while maintaining high performance levels. Each model in the 9000 Gearmotor Series has a wide range of options available including 26 different sizes.

These Sumitomo gearboxes boast a high dedendum strength and a heavy load capacity. Strong impact loads are handled with ease, while the thermal rating has been increased thanks to the recently re-designed cooling fan and cover. The housing structure is extremely versatile, capable of being mounted in either a horizontal, vertical, or upright orientation.

PARAMAX 9000 Series Reducer

The 9000 Series Reducer has also been designed to be compact with the same optimized supply chain that maintains top quality performances despite the fast delivery. Again, the high functioning reducer is available with a variety of options including a range of 26 sizes.

The Paramax 9000 Series Reducer is also capable of absorbing the shocks and bumps from strong impacts and heavy loads thanks to its high dedendum strength. All of the reducers in the 9000 Series have also had their cooling fan and cover re-designed to increase the  thermal rating. Horizontal, vertical, or upright orientation of the housing structure is possible too.

PARAMAX SFC Series Reducer for Cooling Towers

This Right Angle Shaft Reducer is specifically designed for cooling tower fans and Sumitomo have built them to be capable of a year’s worth of continuous operation. They have been engineered with significant heat dissipation considerations, primarily to maintain an optimal temperature for the reducer inside the cooling tower fan, which is particularly important as the housing area usually features minimal airflow.

These Sumitomo reducers use a 25 degree gear pressure angle which maximizes its potential dedendum strength and enables a high load capacity as well as the ability to withstand strong impact loads. The reducers in this SFC Series also contain no protrusions on the mounting surface which makes moving them around or mounting them securely especially easy.


The SEB Series of Sumitomo gearboxes are reducers designed specifically for extruders. They are equipped with optimized thrust bearing that is available in three different modes, each adapted to a particular thrust load.

The SEB Series of reducers also feature increased dedendum strength via the gear pressure angle of 25 degrees, maximizing high load capacity and its capability of withstanding strong impact loads.

PARAMAX SCC Series Reducer

The reducers in the SCC Series of Sumitomo gearboxes designed for use with cranes. They are available in seven different frame sizes and three different centre distances for each frame.

The three varieties of long centre distances of these parallel shaft reducers make them ideal for boom hoisting as well as for use with cranes. They are also very tough and operate with a high load capacity while remaining capable of withstanding heavy impact loads.

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