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Sumitomo Concentric


Sumitomo have been producing superior gearboxes and speed reducers for the best part of a century. Their product names have even become synonymous with the type of device they represent. Here we take a closer look at a couple of the products in the Sumitomo Concentric range, specifically the Cyclo Drive which is widely regarded as one of the best speed reducers on the market.

Sumitomo Concentric CYCLO Drive

These Sumitomo gearboxes boast high strength and reliability due to the proprietary Cyclo mechanism. This unique Cyclo mechanism is also highly durable and provides an extended operating life.

One of the best features of this speed reducer from the Sumitomo Concentric range is the break-resistant teeth. In contrast to regular gear teeth, the Cyclo Drive’s teeth are cycloidal discs which feature an especially smooth curve. The internal gears also consist of these circular-arc teeth, producing a smooth rolling contact that prevents tooth breakage. This obviously makes these Sumitomo gearboxes last a long time.

There is also a broad variation ensuring you can find the exact kind of Cyclo Drive for your purposes. Capacities range between 0.1 and 132 kW with reduction ratios of between 2.5 and 658,503. In addition there are motors specifically for use outdoors and others that are explosion-proof.

Most of the Sumitomo Concentric speed reducer products are compact, with a wide range of reduction ratios in a single reduction, starting from 2.5 up to 119. There are also double and triple reduction types produced by simply layering the reducer mechanisms.

Sumitomo CYCLO Gearmotor with Torque Limiter

Sumitomo parts suppliers also supply an alternative version of the Cyclo Drive in the form of the Torque Limiter model which can detect overloads instantaneously. The design includes a high quality torque sensor which also helps protects the machinery from catastrophic failure.

You will find the torque limiter installed in the drive, a position that produces a more accurate assessment of the machine’s safety level. The Cyclo Drives with Torque Limiters are also compact with high reduction ratios and impressive operational efficiency.

The sensor’s base is made of coiled springs or load cells and performs extremely accurately. The mechanical torque detection mechanism also enables a much shorter detection time, especially compared to other methods such as thermal relays.

This Sumitomo Concentric product also features a wide range of torque adjustment, with the torque configuration being very wide. This allows adjustments to be made on-site in order to match the actual torque of the equipment.

The built-in buzzer and indicator light in the motor operation circuit ensures safe operation even when unattended. There are also double and triple safety models if required.

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