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Special Machinery Components


There are many special machinery parts available through YB Components, who can ship them out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. For customers based locally around Yorkshire in areas such as Castleford, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Pontefract and Knottingley, it is even possible to deliver the parts on the same day they are ordered.

Here is a quick look at some of the special parts kept in stock and ready to ship.

Convey Xonic Belts

The Convey Xonic belt is a power transmission elastic belt for roller conveyors. It features longitudinal ribs and is designed to transport a variety of load weights from as light as 1kg and up to as heavy as two tonnes. To adjust the weight handling ability of the ConveyXonic belt, you simply adjust the number of the ribs on the belt according to the weight the conveyor needs to transport.

The ConveyXonic belt is especially efficient with its consumption of electricity compared to similar power transmission belts. Another beneficial quality of these Convey Xonic belts is that they do not jump or misalign during operation. The elastic properties that ensure this stability also reduce operational noise by absorbing shocks and vibrations, even at high speeds. This belt can also be used constantly without a cooling down break without losing its signature high performance and efficiency.

Murtfeldt Suppliers

YB Components are Murtfeldt suppliers for their wearstrips and tensioners. Murtfeldt’s trademarked compound ‘S Green’ is used with many of their products including the curved and straight tracks which are designed either extruded or machined. The Murtfeldt wearstrip and tensioner products are used in many different industries such as paper production, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, glass product manufacture and food processing, as well as the likes of bottling and packaging.

Murtdfeldt wearstrips and tensioners are ideal for applications using modular belts or slat and conveyor chains.

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings

Coupling manufacturer Falk design a variety of steelflex couplings. The T10 model of Falk steelflex grid couplings is a general purpose design suitable for different applications. It is close coupled and features a horizontally split cover and double-flexing to fit with four-bearing systems. The T20 model is similar but more suited to higher speeds.

The T31 model of Falk steelflex grid coupling are full spacers which makes them best suited to pump action applications. They have a pop out centre section which makes maintenance of the seals and bearings easy. The T35 Falk steelflex grid coupling is a half spacer that also suits pump action applications. The pop out centre section again provides easy access to the seals and bearings and other internal components.

The T41 and T41-2 steelflex grid couplings are general purpose designs, although they have been built to provide an adjustable slipping action. This adjustable slipping action provides protection for connected equipment from the likes of impact shocks, overloads and sudden jams. 

Each of the Falk steelflex grid couplings come in incremental sizes, shaft diameters and torque capabilities.

If you require any of the special machinery components featured in this article such as the Convery Xonic belt, Murtfeldt wearstrips and tensioners, or Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading machine parts suppliers.