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SIT’s Trasco Flexible Couplings


Trasco couplings are the flexible and omocinetic coupling design by SIT that produces the best operational performance relative to their size. Most of the designs are very compact and provide a safe power transmission by absorbing the peak loads and deflecting torsional vibrations. Angular and radial misalignments are corrected by the special elastic design of the polyurethane rings which are also able to compensate for small shaft length variations.

The Trasco flexible couplings described below are available in either cast iron, aluminium or steel. There are often taper bush mounting options too. These Sitex couplings are also available with certifications such as the ATEX directive which assesses equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Trasco GR Flexible Coupling

The GR model is manufactured with a couple of different hub dimension options, with the difference being the maximum shaft diameters which each hub can connect with. The longer hub provides full coverage of the motor shaft.

Trasco GR CAL Flexible Couplings

The GR CAL has been specially designed to incorporate the SIT-LOCK CAL 8 locking elements in the shaft-hub connection. This combination enables a fast and safe mounting that is backlash free, and there is no need for a keyway or lock washers, spacers or stop rings. This is a very versatile coupling that solves a wide variety of problems.

Trasco GRL Flexible Coupling

The GRL design allows you to connect two shafts through two close or very distant couplings. Two polyurethane rings provide an excellent vibration dampening capability and compensate for extreme radial misalignments. These GRL hubs are usually made of cast iron for use with shafts made of steel, though there may be different versions made with different materials available upon request.

Trasco GRL CAL3 Couplings

The GRL CAL3 series also allow two shafts to be connected even at a significant distance from each other. Mounted with shrink discs on the hubs, two couplings utilise polyurethane elements for high vibration dampening and large radial misalignment compensation. Again, usually these GRL CAL3 hubs are made of cast iron, although there is the possibility of different materials being used for different applications.

Trasco GRF and GRF C Couplings

Heavy machinery which needs to combine different shafts and flange solutions should turn to the couplings in the GRF series of Trasco flexible couplings. They feature robust flanges which have been developed especially for heavy duty applications. Couplings in the GRF C series feature the exact same characteristics as the GRF series, but in a more much more compact size.

Trasco GRS Flexible Couplings

The GRS model is especially useful for any application that requires high amounts of compensation for axial, radial and angular misalignment. It is also possible to increase the torsion angle by twice as much with the use of the double spider pieces, which also provide an extreme vibration dampening capability.

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