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Sirem Pumps for Milk Cooling Tanks 

You can get all the gear-motors and Sirem pumps you need for milk cooling equipment through your local Sirem distributors in Yorkshire, YB Components.

Sirem pumps, drums and motorised rollers are the ideal parts for a lot of farm machinery, with the Sirem pumps especially suited for milk conservation, storage and stirring applications. Here we take a look at Sirem pumps to see why they are so commonly used in milk storage tanks.

Optimising Milk Conservation

Storing milk requires a uniform cooling process to maintain its optimal properties, and it then needs to be kept at a constant temperature of around 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. The storage units are milk tanks where the milk waits to be processed.

Sirem pumps and gear-motors are used during this process to ensure the milk product is uniformly cooled and then maintained at the right temperature during storage.

Sirem Pumps for Milk Tanks

With a wide variety of robust and reliable gear-motors available through Sirem distributors like YB Components, the Sirem pump products can be fitted to all tanks from smaller 250-litre tanks up to tanks containing 20,000 litres. The Sirem pumps are designed to adapt to all tank volumes and shapes, plus you can also install additional gear-motors if required for larger tanks.

Sirem pumps and motors have also been designed to fit all agitator blades for stirring. Such blades can vary greatly in design from manufacturer to manufacturer, so Sirem purposefully design their products to be customisable. The gear-motors of Sirem pumps can be attached in many different ways to suit each situation, and they guarantee optimal operation and performance.

There is also a range of Sirem washing pumps for milk cooling tanks, with this particular type of Sirem pump equipment ensuring perfect hygiene is restored after each and every tank emptying operation.

Milk Tank Regulations

The design and manufacture of Sirem pumps takes into account the various regulations for milk tanks. This includes the voltage to current safety standards. This ensures that no matter what local regulations you must adhere to, Sirem distributors can supply you with the exact motors and pumps you need to maintain compliance.

In the UK, regulations require good animal cleanliness and health, safe veterinary medicines, and hygienic milking operations. This includes general hygiene and operator hygiene as well as a thorough cleaning routine which will be massively helped by using the special Sirem washing pumps.

While regulations around the world will vary, Sirem distributors can help you identify the ideal Sirem pumps product for your milk cooling and storing operation.

If you require any Sirem pumps or other products, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Sirem distributors in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.