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Sira Spring Tool Balancer Flex Types


Spring tool balancers have long been helping operators manoeuvre their tools with ease by taking the weight of the tool to allow the operator to move it with the minimum of effort. Not only do they allow for easy and uncomplicated handling of the tool, but they help reduce operator fatigue as well, which in turn can provide a number of additional benefits. They minimise any downtime an operator needs, thus making certain jobs that require heavy tool usage move faster and be completed earlier.


These helpful devices are basically just a form of lifting equipment that takes the weight of a particular tool or other piece of equipment instead of the operator having to manage the weight themselves while also manipulating the tool to do the job it is intended for. In effect, a spring tool balancer can make even a heavy tool feel weightless in the hands of the operator.


Sira Spring Tool Balancers


Sira spring tool balancers utilise a spring balance to achieve their purpose via the correctly calculated tension applied to its spring. They also allow the operator to apply to a little more tension to the returning spring which will then retract the tool slowly, with the more tension applied making the tool harder to pull into position. For example, if the weight of a tool is 20kg and you apply 22kg of load tension to the spring tool balancer, then it will require 2kg’s worth of pulling effort by the operator to manoeuvre into the usable position. The tension of Sira spring tool balancers can also be set so that the tool will not move at all unless the operator moves it. This adaptability is intentionally designed during Sira spring tool manufacture to ensure its products are as versatile as possible.


Before selecting a product from the variety on offer from Sira spring tool suppliers, it’s important to know what kind of flex type you require for the tool or tools you are going to be using it for. Here’s a quick run down of some of the various flex types available at YB Components.


Sira Spring Tool Balancers with Nylon Braided Rope

This Flex Type A version features high impact proof composite housing with an adjustable spring load and ergonomic handgrip knob. The rope stroke is also adjustable and there are seven models to choose from in a load range from 0.1 to 3.5 kg.


Sira Spring Tool Balancers with Steel Braided Nylon Coated Wire

This steel braided variety with a Flex Type A also comes with an adjustable rope stroke, adjustable spring load, ergonomic handgrip knob and is housed in a high impact proof composite. As with the Nylon Braided variety, there seven models with a load range of between 0.1 and 3.5kg.


Flex Type B

There is also a Flex Type B version, which features a metal housing with an adjustable spring load, adjustable rope stroke and a safety removable handle. This Flex Type B variety is available in seven models and has a load range of between 0.1 and 11kg.


There are additional flex type options available from Sira spring balancers suppliers and you can peruse your options at YB Components to find the perfect spring tool for your operation.