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Siemens Gear Motors and Simogear Suppliers in the UK


Siemens are a technology company who develop and manufacture a variety of high quality gear motor products known as Simogear for industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare.

They pride themselves on their resource-efficient factories and resilient supply chains, as well as their use of smart technology in their buildings and grids. They also promote a cleaner transportation system and aim to create technology that brings real value to their customers.

The range of Siemens gear motors is now available to UK customers through Simogear suppliers YB Components. The range includes bevel Simogear geared motors and parallel shaft gear motors, as well as servo gear motors. They also make helical gear motors, worm gear motors and helical worm gear motors.

A Brief History of Siemens Gear Motors

It begins in 1847 when two German engineers – inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens and master mechanic Johann Georg Halske – founded an electrical engineering company named Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens and Halske. Within a year, the new company had constructed one of the first European telegraph lines from Berlin to Frankfurt.

In 1881, they built the world’s first electric streetcar line known as the Gross-Lichterfelde Tramway in Berlin, though Halske had already left the firm by this point. Siemens would leave in 1890, with his brother and sons taking over the company and continuing to grow it, which included an expansion into Britain where they developed a cable-manufacturing plant in Woolwich.

By the 1970s, Siemens was moving into microcomputer development and manufacture, while continuing to expand their engineering divisions throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Today, Simogear develops and produces some of the finest quality geared motors on the market.

Simogear Geared Motors

You can expect Simogear geared motors to be precise and powerful drive systems that provide the optimum amount of flexibility. The extensive range of Siemens gear motors provides plenty of options to find the ideal product for your application. Simogear offers the ability to deliver the highest level of flexibility due to their wide range of gear units, total adaptability and compact design.

The Simogear geared motors provide you with drive systems with the highest performance including high power density, high gear ratios, high energy efficiency and fine torque scaling.

Now let’s quickly focus on one of their excellent products.

Helical Simogear Geared Motors

The helical geared motors from the range of Siemens gear motors can reach high gear ratios thanks to an integrated shank pinion. They produce an economic performance and are highly energy efficient, boasting efficiencies of 98% per stage, although they are also available in a high power range.

The helical Simogear geared motors can come with one, two or three stages, with options for mounting including a foot or a flange with a solid shaft. These helical geared motors are ideally suited to conveyor belt applications or in applications where packaged goods must be transported via vertical conveyors.

If you require any of the Siemens gear motors known as Simogear, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Simogear suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.