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SGR Helical Gear Motors  


SGR Gear Motors make sure to never compromise on quality when manufacturing their products, thus each of their SGR helical gear motors pass strict quality controls as well as receive a full inspection before being shipped to SGR gearboxes suppliers like YB Components.

Every SGR gear motor is CE and DNV-ISO 900:2008 certified, so you can rest assured you are receiving good quality gear reducers when you order through UK-based SGR gearboxes suppliers.

Series G – SGR Helical Gear Motors

The Series G of SGR helical gear motors is the ideal solution for many drive applications thanks to its extremely variable speed range. These helical gear motors from SGR Gear Motors are also compact and versatile, as well as cost effective.

There are solid shaft, foot and flange versions of the SGR helical gear motors to suit any helical reduction gearbox. They allow the operator to achieve the required torque density with a wide range of output speeds, as well as attain more than 95% efficiency while producing hardly any noise during operation.

Key features of the Series G SGR helical gearboxes include maintaining maximum efficiency even at low speeds, as well as high efficiency despite the low noise production. They are lightweight, and have a high load capacity despite their small volume.

Series HB – SGR Bevel Helical Gear Reducer

The Series HB of SGR helical gear motors features a bevel helical design and is ideal for the transmission characteristics of bucket conveyors. They are suitable for all kinds of bucket conveyor systems as they are modular with high standardisation.

The SGR gear reducers in the HB Series feature wide power, torque and speed ratio covering ranges, making them fit for purpose in many different industries. These include industries such as electricity, coal, cement and metallurgy, as well as agriculture, harbour tech and shipping. You will also find them at work in the military industry, environmental protection, paper making, plastics and many more.

A key feature of the Series HB SGR bevel helical gear motors is the integrated design of the compact structure that can be automatically switched via remote control. The lack of necessity for manual control makes these SGR gear reducers convenient and easy to install, plus they are easy to maintain and debug when necessary. They are also equipped with a backstop device to prevent reverse rotation in case the device stops unexpectedly.

The SGR bevel helical gear motors are a 3-level transmission, with a 20-90 reduction ratio.

If you require any SGR gear motors like the Series G SGR helical gear motors, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading SGR gearboxes suppliers in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.