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Sferax Suppliers of Linear Bearings and Rails


The Swiss linear bearing manufacturer Sferax are experts in the design of linear bearings and linear rails. Their product catalogue includes many different open ball and metric ball bearing designs, as well as a variety of miniature and compact ball bearings.

All of their products are manufactured with high quality materials and are designed to function reliably if they are fitted and maintained correctly. Below we run through some of the technical specifications of Sferax’s bearing products and look at the fitting and maintenance instructions.

Sferax Linear Bearings Technical Information

The dynamic loads of Sferax linear bearings are usually half of the static load, with the preload size varying between  0.002 and 0.02mm of the shaft diameter, depending on the application and other relevant dimensions.

The maximum movement speed for the standard Sferax bearings on the Sferax linear rails is 5 metres per second (m/s), although the speed at the end of the stroke must be reduced in the event of any movement of the ball bearing.

The acceptable acceleration rate for a standard Sferax linear bearing is 100 m/s squared, with several of the special Sferax bearings able to accelerate at  150 m/s squared.

Sferax Linear Bearing Lubrication

The lubrication required for Sferax linear rails using Sferax bearings is a very thin oil which enables the high speeds and reduces the friction coefficient to an extremely low 0.002 (approximately). The ideal type of lubrication is a lithium-based grease, though if high speed is required then it is better to use no lube than to use thick grease with a high viscosity. The more speed required, the lower the viscosity of the lubricant should be. This reduced friction capability is what allows Sferax linear bearings to shift heavy loads longitudinally while expending the minimum amount of power and energy.

Cleaning these products supplied by Sferax distributors is usually achieved with rectified benzene, petroleum or compressed air.

Sferax Linear Rail and Bearing Fitting Instructions

The ball bearing of the Sferax products are able to be held in place with a slight tightening or bonding. Press the bearing into the housing using a mandrel that is 0.1mm smaller than the housing bore. Keep it square to the bearing during the fitting process and only in contact with the outer housing.

Other basic requirements for successfully operating and maintaining Sferax products include keeping them as clean as possible at all times while avoiding the impacts caused by shock loads. Always try to maintain a correct alignment of the ball bearing and shaft, and always ensure the ball bearing is loaded accurately.

Sferax Linear Bearing Suppliers

All of the Sferax products are available to be ordered through YB Components, including the most popular bearings such as the Metric Linear Ball Bearing and Open Linear Ball Bearing. Their more obscure products can also be ordered, such as the Linear and Rotating Movements Compact Ball Bearing and the Stainless Steel Miniature Ball Bearing.

If you require any Sferax linear rails or bearings, then contact YB Components who are the leading Sferax distributors who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.