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Sepro AB TYP Controllers


Sepro AB manufacture electrical controllers for mechanical systems, with their applications varying widely from climate control systems to kitchen appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Below we take a closer look at the four TYP controller models.

TYP1 – Sepro AB Controller

The Sepro TYP1 model is a standard controller with built-in overload protection which can be ordered with or without a housing case from Sepro AB suppliers. It features the usual on/off controls and is designed to be used with small or medium-sized permanent magnet (PM) motors. This is one of the best control systems Sepro AB manufacture for when both forward and reverse motor rotation is required to operate in conjunction with a particular load limit.

Also note that Sepro AB TYP1 controller does not use any power while in standby mode, which makes it ideal for use with systems which have restrictions on power consumption. Limit switches can also be easily combined with this TYP1 controller.

TYP2 – Sepro AB System Controller

The Sepro TYP2 is a similar on/off controller that features independent load limit settings for both forward and backward rotation. It is also designed for use with small or medium-sized PM motors. The power supply is fed into the motor immediately upon activation which makes it ideal for use with applications that have a low nominal speed. The overload detection feature will stop the motor before damage occurs, which will be signalled by the external connector. The Sepro TYP2 is also easily integrated with other external equipment.

Applications that have a variety of load weights moving both forward and backward will benefit from the TYP2 controller. As with the TYP1 model, limit switches are easily combined with the system via arranging them in unison with the various activation connection points.

TYP3 – Sepro AB Control System

The versatile Sepro AB TYP3 motor control system is designed for use with medium or large-sized direct current (DC) motors. The forward and reverse directions can be configured independently which makes the TYP3 control system especially useful for experienced users who like to fine-tune their operations. Again, applications where the load differs between the forward and backward motions will benefit from being controlled by the TYP3. There two separate inputs included to enable the connection of external limit switches, while a static brake in the system deactivates the motor when the output is short-circuited.

The TYP3 model available through Sepro AB suppliers like YB Components features two operating modes: proportional or push-button. Proportional mode requires the controller to be operated with a potentiometer, with movement of the potentiometer dictating the motor proportionally while the central and still position stops the motor completely. The alternative control option is a push-button mode where each direction is independently controlled, via push buttons or a three-way switch.

TYP4 – Sepro AB Motor Controller

The Sepro AB TYP4 is a comparatively powerful motor controller which should be used for applications requiring between 12 and 24V. The control system features multiple external inputs for connecting the likes of a two-channel encoder which can then provide valuable positional feedback. There is also an analog input which is primarily used to connect a potentiometer when operating the Sepro TYP4 with proportional control.

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