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Sepro AB Control Systems


Sepro AB is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacture of high quality control systems for a wide range of uses. Mostly they are employed for electric control of mechanical systems, though there is quite a lot of variety in the product models they produce.


Sepro also offer a customisable service to their clients so they can best meet the individual needs of any given situation and make the mechanisms they control ever more efficient. However, they also have several standard model control systems which can be acquired through Sepro AB suppliers such as YB Components.


Sepro Control Systems in Action


The Sepro AB manufacture control systems are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, and the company has quite the collection of references from other companies who use Sepro products in their own businesses. Sepro’s control systems are so reliable that they have become vital components in many other companies’ own products.


Bonair Sweden AB includes Sepro manufacture control systems in the climate control unit that they make, using them to regulate temperature by measuring the heat levels and adjusting them via a ventilator. Interestingly, the very same product that Bonair Sweden uses is also utilised in some off-road vehicles to prevent overheating.


Sepro also developed a parallel system for CGM’s ergonomic operator desks. CGM themselves specialise in providing ‘optimal solutions for 24/7 environments,’ with their ergonomic desks one of their primary creations along with user-centred control room interiors with auxiliary furniture and ambience control. As their entire product range and service revolves around the user’s experience, it is telling that they rely heavily on the Sepro AB manufactured control systems.


Another company that relies on Sepro parts is the Sweden-based Miele Werk Bürmoos GmbH, which uses the Sepro TYP3 for motion control during the production of their kitchen appliance products such as washing machines and dishwashers. The Sepro TYP3 was developed with a heavy duty enclosure in mind, so it was designed to be tough and endure a heavy workload. That’s why one of the world’s leading global technology suppliers, SKF, call upon Sepro suppliers to provide parts for their renowned actuation systems.


Additional Applications of Sepro Control Systems


Sepro also provide a control system for the Svan Lift device, which enables people in need of assistance to use the toilet in comfort. The particular control system used for this device allows for gentle acceleration while reducing the current consumption while on standby. The lifting mechanisms produced by Sepro don’t just help those in need around the home, but are also utilised in the industrial sector by companies such as Tawi who use Sepro manufactured control systems for their electric lifts.


One last example worth mentioning is Sepro’s provision of a general motor controller for the company Wanjet and their unique irrigation robot system which can be found in many mass-production greenhouses around the world. The motor controller allows the irrigation system to store multiple profiles for a wide variety of usage areas, effectively centralising the controlling port for the entire greenhouse.


If you require Sepro AB manufacture control systems then contact YB Components who are the leading Sepro distributors and can ship such parts all over the world.