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Senotec Switching Amplifiers CSV Series


Senotec Sensors are a German company specialising in manufacturing capacity level controls such as switching amplifiers, filling level probes and other kinds of sensors. They design and build products to cope with complex spatial conditions and extreme temperatures, especially those that require regular adjustment.

Industrial machinery making good use of Senotec’s products are varied, including the likes of the textile and paper packaging industries, paint-spray lines and in book binding machinery. They also have multiple uses within the mechanical engineering sector and particularly the hygiene industry thanks to the especially high quality and reliability of the performance of Senotec’s sensory products.

Multiple designs from their product range are available through Senotec Sensors suppliers such as YB Components, and below we will shine a spotlight on the CSV Series of their switching amplifiers, as well as a couple of other similar products.

Senotec Switching Amplifiers CSV Series Overview

The multiple CSV41 Senotec switching amplifiers expands the Senotec Sensors application range by allowing them to be used with a wider variety of machines and devices, with each of the sensors able to be set individually and have their own relay output.

The most popular of the CSV Series is the CSV41-3 Senotec switching amplifier which comes with a transparent cover that has a clear view of LED displays that easily provide all the accurate information the operator requires to adjust whatever levels may need adjustment. The CSV41-3 is suitable for all filling level probes of the C-Series ad R-Series. All products in the CSV Series of Senotec switching amplifiers also feature extended functional possibilities and are easily handled, installed and maintained.

Other notable products in this series include the CSV41-2 Senotec switching amplifier and the more obscure CSV41e5 Senotec switching amplifier.

CSV41-3 Technical Specifications

The CSV41-3 has a supply voltage range between 18 and 30V and an output featuring three non-potential relay contacts and a 200mA latch (40V). The manufacturer’s advice for these particular elements is to use a spark

extinguishing part in case of inductance. The switching frequency is 10Hz and the product has a wide ambient temperature range of between minus-10 and plus-50 degrees Celsius.

The CSV41-3 meets the IP54 quality protection standards required of electrical enclosures. In fact, the housing material of the CSV41-3 Senotec switching amplifier is particularly notable as it is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is exceptionally durable and suitable for use in either freezing or very hot conditions due to it being amorphous and thus having no true melting point (as the product’s ambient temperature range indicates).

Other Senotec Switching Amplifier Products

Senotec Sensors suppliers also make the CLS Series of Senotec switching amplifiers available, which are another sensor product suitable for use with a wide variety of standard applications. The CLS Series are versatile and can be used with either vertical or horizontal installations.

Another range of products similar to the CSV Series is the CLC series, although these are specifically designed for filling level probes that have been installed vertically.

If you require any Senotec products such as the CSV41-2, CSV41e5 or CSV41-3 Senotec switching amplifiers – then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Senotec Sensors suppliers.