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Senotec Switching Amplifier Feature


As a popular manufacturer of switching amplifiers and other capacity level control technology, Senotec have long had a reputation as the one of the best filling level probe manufacturers in the business. They designed and build products that can handle extremes temperatures or other such issues like complicated spatial conditions. Such conditions might make it necessary to monitor and make adjustments as is required.

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Below we take a closer look at two of Senotec’s switching amplifiers…

Senotec CLS Switching Amplifier Series

There are two main products in the CLS Series, with the standard CLS switching amplifier being suitable for most standard applications. Every model has been built with a high resistance against high temperatures and humidity, plus each one is designed for vertical or horizontal installation and will adapt seamlessly into existing operations.

The CLS Series also presents an exceptionally high level of operational safety at both minimum and maximum control limits. There is a dry contact and a voltage supply of between 12 and 30 V/DC, with ambient temperatures reaching 60 degrees Celsius.

The CLS aluminium switching amplifier can be operated with both the C and R series of Senotec filling level probes from Senotec’s back catalogue, plus they are also suitable for all standard applications just like the non-aluminium designs. They can also be installed vertically or horizontally and have an equally high standard of operational safety at both maximum and minimum levels.

The Senotec CLS switching amplifiers are encased in a robust metal housing with a compact design which enhances their high resistance to climatic influences. This makes them excellent for use in areas experiencing rising and falling temperatures as well as varying humidity levels. The LED displays affixed to the top are always clear and visible thanks to its transparent cover.

Senotec CSV Switching Amplifiers Series

There are several switching amplifiers in Senotec’s CSV Series, with the most popular being the CSV41-3 Senotec switching amplifier. It too comes with a transparent cover that ensures clear vision of the LED displays, especially important as the operator requires accurate information to adjust whatever levels need adjusting during operations. The CSV41-3 is also compatible with the C-Series ad R-Series of Senotec filling level probes.

The CSV Series features switching amplifiers that have an adjustable time delay and now includes a lot more customisation options. For example, the CSV switching amps now have the potential to be connected to multiple Senotec filling level probes at the same time.

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