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Senotec Switching Amplifier Designs


Senotec Sensors are considered to be one of the world’s best specialists for capacity level controls that handle the likes of high temperatures, containers of varying size (even very small), adhering materials and other complicated spatial conditions. Their products are focused on flexibility and continuity of operation, and they are closing in on two decades of supplying vital components to a wide variety of industries including mechanical engineering, packaging, paint-spraying, hygiene, bookbinding and textiles. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their most popular products.


CLS Switching Amplifier Series


The CLS series of Senotec switching amplifiers are suitable for pretty much all standard applications. They are ideal for vertical and/or horizontal installation of the filling level probes, and have a high resistance against the likes of high temperature and humidity levels. They adapt smoothly to the existing operating conditions of the machinery and provide a remarkably high standard of operating safety at both the minimum and maximum control limits.


The CLS45 Senotec switching amplifier models have the same properties as the CLS33 Senotec switching amplifier designs, differing only in that they are fitted with a customer specified base plate. The ambient temperatures of all the CLS models are up to 60°C and there is a potential-free relay output (dry contact) and a voltage supply of between 12 and 30 V/DC


CLS60 Aluminium Switching Amplifier


The CLS60 is suitable for all standard applications just as the CLS33 designs. They also have a similar high standard of operating safety at both the maximum and minimum capacities, plus they are suitable for either vertical or horizontal installation of the filling level probes. The CLS60 aluminium switching amplifier can also be operated with both the C and R series of filling level probes


Other notable features of the CLS60 are its compact design and the same high resistance to climatic influences as the CLS33, meaning rising and falling temperatures and varying humidity levels are less of a problem. As usual, it is encased in a robust metal housing with ambient temperatures of up to 60°C. It is extremely adaptable to whatever operating conditions are already in existence and it has a potential-free relay output. Similarly to the CLS33, the supply voltage range is between 12 and 30 V/DC, while a usefully transparent cover with visible LED displays is affixed to the top.


CLC Senotec Switching Amplifiers


The CLC series of Senotec switching amplifiers are designed specifically to provide convenient application solutions for any filling level probes that have been installed vertically. They too come in a robust metal housing made of aluminium and a high resistance against climatic influences such as varying temperatures and rising humidity levels. The CLC40 switching amplifier, plus the CLC 22 and the CLC28 switching amplifiers all come with a stabilised power supply unit and a supply voltage of between 18 and 30 V/DC. Similar to the CLS60 aluminium switching amplifier, the CLC models come with a transparent cover equipped with visible LED displays.


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