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Senotec Sensors Product Feature


Senotec Sensors are experts in the manufacture of switching amplifiers and filling level probes. They design and produce a wide range of task-specific products as well as many versatile and customisable options too. Here we take a focused look at a just a few of the top Senotec switching amplifiers and filling level probes available through YB Components.

CLC40-SM8 Senotec Switching Amplifier

The CLC40-SM8 is part of the CLC series which have been specifically designed for filling level probes that have been installed vertically, providing favourable application solutions for an otherwise awkward operation.

The CLC amps are built into a strong aluminium housing, with the CLC40-SM8 switching amplifier coming equipped with a transparent cover with a visible LED display underneath. Operationally, it features a high resistance to weather-related issues including high and low temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels. The power supply of this switching amplifier is a stabilised power unit with a supply voltage of between 18 and 30 V/DC.

CLS45-L05 Senotec Switching Amplifier

Senotec’s CLS series features a range of switching amplifiers which are designed to be compatible for most standard applications as they can be installed and operated in both a horizontal or vertical positioning. The CLS45-L05 switching amplifier has a particularly high resistance to high temperatures and the more extreme humidity levels. All of the CLS switching amps can be smoothly adapted to whatever existing operating conditions the machinery it is being installed with has in place.

The CLS45-L05 has the same properties as the CLS33 Senotec switching amplifier design and is similarly able to operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, however the former can be fitted with a custom base plate according to the requirements of the customer.

R-Series Filling Level Probes: R2T-3/5L20, R3EW-3/8 and RPK-3/6L6

Senotec Sensors R-Series of filling level probes is the successor to the previous C-Series of probes. The main advantages that the R-Series probes have over their predecessors are the improved signal properties and their compatibility with every single one of the Senotec switching amplifier designs.

The technical specifications of the R2T-3/5L20 probe include that fact that it has a cable cross outlet, while the PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) cable has a 50mm width and a length of 2m. The RPK-3/6L6 probe features a PTFE cable with a width of 60mm and a length of 530mm.

The casings of the R3EW-3/8 from the R-Series of Senotec Sensors’ filling level probes are made with V2A stainless steel while the PTFE cable is 870mm long. The ambient temperature range of the R3EW-3/8 Senotec sensor casing is -10 degrees Celsius up to 250 degrees Celsius, with the ceiling of the Teflon cable’s ambient temperature range being 50 degrees lower than the casing. The connector is a three-phase DIN 41524 model, with the sensor being compatible with the CLS, CLC, CSV and SVK switching amplifiers.

If you require any switching amplifier products from the Senotec Sensors range, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s Senotec Sensors suppliers who can ship these parts all over the world.