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Senotec Sensors Explained


Senotec manufacture sensors, switching amplifiers and filling level probes, and are regarded as the specialist producer of capacity level controls. Whether it is high temperatures or complicated spatial conditions that need to be monitored and adjusted for purpose, Senotec suppliers such as YB Components can ship the perfect products for your industry needs around the world.


Senotec Distributors Supply a Variety of Industries


The wide range of Senotec switching amplifiers and Senotec filling level probes service industries as wide-ranging as mechanical engineering to the hygiene industry. The Senotec sensor product range is also regularly utilised in the packaging and textile sectors, as well as being a crucial component in paint-spray lines and in the bookbinding industry. All kinds of special machinery benefit from Senotec sensors, primarily because the company is dedicated to producing products of the highest quality.


Based in Germany, Senotec are rightly proud of having a talented and motivated team that ensures a high degree of responsibility and quality awareness dictate their performances. This dedication to manufacturing only the highest quality products has been a part of their company philosophy since their beginnings over twenty years ago.


Senotec Switching Amplifiers


Senotec have a wide range of products to fulfil a variety of roles and applications, with the CLS series being one of their most popularly used product lines. The CLS33 or CLS33W are suitable for all standard applications, while the CLS45 is the same as the 33 model but comes equipped with a customer-specified base plate. All Senotec sensors in the CLS range offer an exceptionally high standard of operating safety at minimum or maximum control, while also remaining ideal for either vertical or horizontal installation of the probes. It should be noted that the CLS45 has replaced the former product SVK44, which also featured the customised mounting plate.


There is a switching amplifier option in aluminium in the form of the CLS60 which features a compact design and high resistance against climatic influences. The metal housing is robust and long-lasting, while it remains constantly adaptable to the existing operating conditions. It has a transparent cover with a visible LED display and requires a voltage supply of 12-30 V/DC. It can also be operated with either of the Senotec filling level probes, Series C or Series R.


The CLC line features convenient application options wherever the Senotec filling level probes are vertically installed. There are three products in the range: CLC22, CLC28 and CLC40, and all feature similar robust aluminium housing as well as stabilised power units which use a voltage supply of 18-30 V/DC.


The CSV line includes even more options and introduces the possibility of connecting several Senotec filling level probes together. The CSV series also features switching amplifiers that have an adjustable time delay.


Senotec Filling Level Probes


There are two options to choose from, with Series C being the older generation of Senotec probes while Series R is the current generation and can be used with all the Senotec switching amplifiers. The updated Series R probes feature improved signal properties over the Series C variety.


Whatever application you have in mind, contact YB Components who are one of the UK’s premier Senotec suppliers to fulfil your switching amplifier needs.