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Selecting the right gearbox or gearmotor for an application


From Sirem gear motors to Spaggiari geared motors, the Helical-geared motor bg series to Liming gearboxes, there is a wide range of makes and models of industrial gearboxes on the market, so how do you choose the right one?

As Groschopp advises in its whitepaper on selecting the right gearmotor, choosing the right gearmotor for an application can be one of the most difficult components for design engineers to source.

Groschopp maps out some tips designed to help a designer choose the right gearmotor for an application.

Determine application requirements

According to Groschopp, it is essential that the designer uses an application checklist to gather the relevant technical and commercial requirements. These gathered design inputs will be a critical feature of the geared motor selection process and will greatly dictate the ideal geared motor for the application.

Select motor type

Another procedure highlighted in the whitepaper is to select which motor technology is best suited to the application it will be used for. As each application is unique and has distinct characteristics, it is important which factors, such as noise ratings, torque, efficiency, lifespan and horsepower, are the most relevant to the desired application.

Selecting a matching torque and speed output for the gearmotor

The whitepaper also advises that whilst gearboxes and motors can be combined and mixed and matched, ultimately the complete gearmotor is the driving factor for a given application.

While there is a number of gearboxes that can be combined with brushless DC motors or permanent magnet DC, AC induction, such as parallel shaft gearboxes, right angle worm and planetary gears, not just any combinations will work for different applications.

As specific applications will be more effective and efficient than others, as Groschopp advises, having:

“Accurate ratings for the motor and gearbox is the foundation for successfully integrating the gearmotor into the system.”


When selecting a gearmotor for an application it is important to consider the quality of the industrial component.

Carry out adequate research into the company and the model of gearbox. Ask yourself questions such as does the part come with a warranty and if so, what are the details?

Ask the gearbox vendor about elements such as their ‘return goods percentage’ and how many products get sent back to them because of issues related to quality. As Groschopp warns, you should proceed with caution if this number is more than zero.

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