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Selecting the right coupling for plastic tubing


Whether it’s Desch couplings, Dinal couplings, Enemax couplings, Falk couplings, Jaure coupling, Tschan coupling, or just about any other make of coupling, these small and often overlooked until they fail components are the critical connections in many power transmission drive systems.

Selecting the right coupling for specific machinery and applications is essential to improve performance and avoid operational problems. The same principle can be applied to when selecting couplings for plastic tubing.

From chemical compatibility to characteristics related to the flow, as Laboratory Equipment notes, every application is unique and it is vital to get the right coupling for plastic tubing to ensure an accurate and leak-free performance.

It is important to remember that couplings are produced in a variety of materials, including durable natural, food grade, medical grade, and high-performance sterilised material.

Quick disconnect couplings

Couplings known as quick disconnect couplings are utilised in plastic tubing by numerous applications and industries. As Laboratory Equipment continues, these type of couplings are especially appropriate for use with food and drink applications, durable and disposable medical equipment and analytical devices.

The likes of Kumera couplings, Sit and Reich couplings might be appropriate for different applications. However, it is also important to remember that quick disconnect couplings comprise of three prevailing connection technologies, including metal latch, twist lock and plastic latch.

Metal latch couplings comprise of a symmetrical face design, suitable for applications involving water and compressed air connections such as large computer servers, cooling of circuit boards and large power supplies.

Twist lock couplings provide an ergonomic handle with a more secure, non-slip grip and are described as being a “reliable connection every time.”

Providing a secure, leak-free sealing, these types of couplings are most widespread in the medical sector, used to connect medical devices to surgical tubing for the likes of air, saline, water, body fluids, compressed gas and numerous other fluids.

Plastic latch technology couplings boast a contemporary and robust design and are regarded as more cost-effective than their metal latch counterparts. Being a strong and durable type of industrial coupling and comprising of plastic, enables for fewer moving parts and reduces the risk of corrosion.

If you’re looking for large rigid couplings or small flexible options, YB Components has Desch, Enemac, Jaure, Reich, Falk, Kauermann, Kumera, Sit, Tschan couplings available to purchase. Get in touch with YBComponents for all your industrial couplings and components requirements.