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Save your business money by looking after your industrial motors

Whatever industry you work in, whether it’s textile, mining, canning or any type of sector that relies on industrial machinery, purchasing new equipment is a significant business cost. With all the internal components of a piece of machinery, such as Sferax linear bearings, Sirem motorised rollers, Tschan rollastic couplings, Worm gearboxes and variable speed belts, equipment needs to be well looked after in order to keep on working and make your business money.

And none more so than industrial motors.  Similar to a car’s engine, putting an industrial motor under unnecessary strain will mean it won’t be operating at its optimal and is likely to have to be replaced prematurely.

Whether you own a Sirem motor or a Spaggiari geared motor, or just about any other type of industrial motor for that matter, take a look at the following fairly straightforward steps of how to look after your industrial motors.

Practice good moisture management

One of the biggest problems that can potentially shorten an industrial motor’s working efficiency is being exposed to damp. If condensation does build up in a motor in can rust internal components and rust is certainly not synonymous with a motor working at its optimum.

Problems associated with rust and exposing machinery to moisture can be overcome by using grease.

Grease with rust prevention

Using a rust preventative coating on bearings and other internal parts can help prevent corrosion caused by the likes of humidity.

Avoid too much lubrication

As we wrote in an earlier blog, lubrication is an essential feature of every piece of industrial equipment. Whilst most of us realise the benefits of regularly lubricating industrial parts like Sit couplings and Zurrer drivers, going overboard with grease or oil can create problems and cause an industrial motor to work inefficiently, or, worse, still, seize up completely.

It is therefore important that you use the right amount of grease and oil so that friction between the internal components is kept at bay.

Keep a record of the motor’s maintenance history

When you come to sell a car, it is far better if you have the vehicle’s full service history to present to the buyer. By the same token, keeping a record of every time you had the motor serviced or even repaired, will mean duplicate and unnecessary services are unlikely to occur and ensure the motor is kept at its optimum condition for as long as possible.

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