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Sankyo Oilless Bearings and Bushes


Sankyo Oilless Industry are the expert manufacturers of specialised machine parts which can be operated without additional liquid lubrication such as grease or other oily fluids. The Sankyo engineers have designed and created a variety of solid lubricant products which allow many different industrial applications to operate smoothly without any compromise to the efficiency or productivity of the process. Sankyo even use their own smaller parts to create larger machinery components, primarily for the industries that use presses and moulds.

Here we take a brief look at some of the many uses that the Sankyo Oilless industry components are have been put to, with a special focus the Sankyo Oilless bearings and Sankyo Oilless bushes and strips.

Sankyo Oilless Bearings

These special Sankyo Oilless industry components are most often found equipped on press die machines. Press dies are industrial tools which are primarily used in a variety of manufacturing processes to forge materials into a particular shape. They are similar to industrial moulds in that the die press machine has usually been customised to produce the particular item being manufactured. The use of Sankyo Oilless bearings enables these machines to operate at a more efficient rate without additional wear and tear caused by a lack of lubrication.

Machines that use other types of bearing which require lubrication are at risk of additional wear and tear as they must be kept lubricated in order to operate efficiently, which requires a constant monitoring process involving at least one of the machine operators. Without regular checks and scheduled maintenance, parts which require lubrication will soon fall into disrepair if they do not receive the lubrication they need. This is a problem easily solved by the use of Sankyo Oilless bearings.

Sankyo Oilless Bushes

The Sankyo Oilless bushes and strips are also important components of machine parts such as the aerial cam units which Sankyo also manufacture, as well as the cam slide components, die guide components, hemming units and gauges.

The Sankyo Oilless suppliers’ catalogue of Sankyo Oilless bushes is broad, including standard straight bushes with either a thick outer surface or a thin one. The company also design and manufacture special Sankyo Oilless bushes that are specifically for use with machinery submerged in water. An insulated Sankyo Oilless bushing and washer is ideal for other applications, while the extensive range also includes flange-type bushes, thrust bushes and spherical bushes.

To complement the wide range of Sankyo Oilless bushes, they also produce a selection of sliding plates made in  a variety of thicknesses from 5mm up to 20mm. The materials of the sliding plates vary according to the user’s requirements, with options available in bronze, steel and copper. There are T-shaped slide guides and L-shaped slide guides as well, which all help round out the excellent Sankyo Oilless industry components catalogue of products.

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