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Rulmeca Rollers Distributors in the UK

As the leading Rulmeca rollers distributors in the UK, YB Components are well placed to attest to the high quality of the material handling components that Rulmeca manufacture for conveyor systems.

Based nearly 30 miles northeast of Milan in the Lombardy region of Italy, Rulmeca was founded in the early 1960s and has long since established itself as one of the best manufacturers of industrial conveyor rollers and belts. Rulmeca manufacture material handling components for a wide variety of conveyor and automated systems, with advanced design and manufacturing techniques building industrial-level products that produce reliably high performances even in the most demanding conditions.

Many of the products available through Rulmeca belts suppliers have been designed specifically for bulk handling purposes, and thus are especially popular for industrial applications. Along with standard steel rollers and thermoplastic rollers, Rulmeca manufacture rollers with special rubber rings that absorb heavy impacts. For carrying, return and self-aligning stations, Rulmeca manufacture special transoms and garland sets to fit the conveyor systems, along with drive and idler pulleys to fit.

Let’s look closer at the excellent bulk handling ability of the products available through Rulmeca rollers distributors in the UK.

Rulmeca’s Reliable Bulk Handling Components

To ensure that the Rulmeca material handling products can endure the weight and impacts of heavier loads, Rulmeca’s manufacturing process includes stringent laboratory tests to ensure the rollers and belts maintain a high quality performance throughout their service life.

Rulmeca also place a lot of focus on the sealing systems, which are specially designed to continuously protect the roller bearings. These bearings increase the efficiency levels of Rulmeca’s bulk handling roller products and help maintain an optimal operational capacity even in harsh conditions.

Rulmeca rollers distributors like YB Components can also explain the many national and international manufacturing standards that Rulmeca’s bulk handling materials adhere to. Such standards include the ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA certifications.

Rollers and Belts Available Through Rulmeca Belts Suppliers

Rulmeca’s rollers and belts benefit from in-depth research that identifies the ideal base materials that suit a wide variety of industrial applications. These high quality product ranges include conveyor rollers such as the Series 111, Series 117 and Series GL rollers. Rulmeca also manufacture a variety of tapered rollers, including the KRF-KRM-KRO Series and the KRM/S3 Series. You will also find the likes of chain driven rollers designed for automated conveying processes, as well as pinion sprocket rollers and friction rollers.

Rulmeca belts suppliers also provide multiple drive solutions for plastic modular belts, along with high quality motorised pulleys that feature grooved lagging that also suit modular belts.

While also available in Polyurethane, Rulmeca often use nitrile rubber for their modular belt products because it offers extra resistance to abrasion and extreme temperatures. Some modular belt products available through Rulmeca rollers distributors are also made from a special carboxylated nitrile rubber which is approved for used with food products.

If you require any Rulmeca material handling components, then contact YB Components who are the leading Rulmeca belts suppliers and Rulmeca rollers distributors in the UK.