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Rulmeca Bulk Handling Rollers

The Rulmeca Group, comprised of the Precismeca, Melco and Rulmeca brands, understands that the movement of goods and especially bulk materials requires state of the art methods and machinery. With a specialised technical competence accumulated over fifty years of experience, the Rulmeca Group have become an international leader in the production of such components and equipment for all types of conveyors.

Rulmeca’s range of belt conveyors for bulk handling purposes is especially revered in the multitude of industries they are used in. Their product range includes steel rollers and thermoplastic rollers with rubber rings for impact and return stations. There are also transoms and garland sets for carrying, return and self-aligning stations, as well as drive and idler pulleys for a wide variety of applications.

Additional accessory products include clamping units, belt cleaners, belt covers and impact bars.

Rulmeca Rollers for Bulk Handling

Rulmeca subjects their roller designs to severe laboratory tests to ensure they guarantee an adequate working life that maintains a high quality performance throughout. The lifespan and efficiency of such rollers depends greatly on an accurate manufacturing process combined with selected high quality materials.

The engineers at Rulmeca place particular importance on the sealing system that protects the roller bearings, which has a significant influence on the efficiency levels of bulk handling roller products. There is also the issue of ensuring optimal operational capacity even in the most severe environmental conditions, which Rulmeca has ensured their products are capable of since the beginning. These days the Rulmeca bulking handling rollers are used for so many different material handling tasks in conveyor machinery and equipment in industries all around the world.

Rollers produced by Rulmeca can always be relied upon and they are manufactured according to all known national and international standards. These include: ISO, UNI, DIN, AFNOR, FEM, BS, JIS, SANS and CEMA.

Rulmeca Bulk Handling Roller Products

The Rulmeca PSV rollers are their standard designs which are suitable for most bulk handling applications. Their shaft diameters range from 20 to 40mm, with a tube diameter range between 63 and 194 mm. Their usual applications include mines, quarries, cement works, coal-fired power plants and dock installations.

Their impact roller designs consist of a basic steel PSV roller design, but with additional fitted rings which are designed to resist and absorb the shocks and impact of materials landing on the belts.

Rulmeca also manufacture numerous return rollers including one design that helps eliminate any build-up of excess detritus in the belt centre. Another return roller design features helical rubber rings which reduce the deposit of material by operating on the dirty side of the belt, which also helps support the belt when the load consists of viscous material. A third return roller design features a helical steel cage which serves a similar purpose as the helical rubber rings but is better suited to heavier duty applications.

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