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RULAND Servo Couplings Feature


Ruland servo coupling manufacturing company was originally established in 1937 and quickly became a reliable and important manufacturer of small but crucial parts such as spring rings and clamp-style shaft collars during the USA’s contribution to the Allied victory in World War II.

Ruland focuses on designing and manufacturing high performing products, primarily servo couplings and shaft collars. They are able to guarantee such high quality manufacturing as all the Ruland products are expertly manufactured in their factory in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ruland Servo couplings available through Ruland suppliers YB Components.

Ruland Servo Couplings

There is a great selection of Ruland servo couplings which comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. These various combinations make the different styles of servo coupling ideal for different applications, though every single model in the range has been designed to have zero backlash as standard.

With so many different Ruland servo couplings to choose from, it is important to understand which model is best suited for your purposes. You will want to consider several different performance factors such as how much compensation for shaft misalignment you will need and how much space you have to work with. Also consider the RPM and torque you require for your application. By selecting the ideal servo coupling from the Ruland product range, you can maximise your overall system performance.

The range of Ruland servo couplings includes rigid, beam and bellows models, as well as curved jaw, disc and Oldham servo couplings. They also make a wide variety of shaft collars, as well as special rigid couplings, universal joints and many other ancillary products such as adjustable handles, indexing plungers and vibration isolation mounts.

Applications of Ruland Products

The Ruland products are used in a wide variety of applications throughout many different industries. For example, Ruland shaft couplings are frequently found in the automation and linear motion industry, along with their adjustable handles, rubber bumpers and vibration isolation mounts.

Any industry using conveyor systems will also likely be requiring parts manufactured by Ruland. Encoders also use many Ruland servo coupling products as well as their shaft collars. Devices such as encoders are usually designed to be matched-up with servo motors so they can resolve position and speed to maintain the optimal machine performance.

The food processing industry is another that heavily relies on Ruland products, especially as many of the components used in food processing equipment must be able to withstand high temperatures and caustic chemicals, as well as being regularly washed down.

Other applications for Ruland servo couplings include machine tools, motors, medical and lab equipment and robotic systems. You will find them in printing and packaging machines, as well as semiconductors, solar applications and test, measurement and inspection equipment.

If you require any Ruland servo couplings such as their rigid, beam, bellows, curved jaw, disc or Oldham servo couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Ruland suppliers.