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Roller Chains Maintenance Guide   


As a roller chains supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know all too well the common maintenance mistakes made when it comes to industrial chains.

Such roller chains are found in a wide variety of applications across many industries as they are used to move loads and transmit power. With so many applications completely dependent on roller chains producing a consistently reliable performance, regular maintenance is vital. Also important is choosing the correct industrial chain in the first place, as well as ensuring it has been installed correctly.

Here we go through the crucial installation and maintenance steps to take to maximise the service life of your roller chains and keep them operating at optimal levels.

Choose the Correct Roller

It is important to select the correct roller chain for the application requirements, as this will give the chain the best chance of achieving an optimal performance as well as lasting for its maximum service life. A roller chains supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components can help you identify the exact chain you need for your purposes. Also bear in mind the load capacity of the chain when making your selection, as excessive load bearing is a frequent cause of premature chain failure.

Align Shafts and Sprockets Accurately

The alignment of the shafts and sprockets is also an important factor in roller chain maintenance and installation. An accurate alignment is one of the best tips for using chain drives and will ensure the service life of the roller chain is maximised. This is because misalignment can lead to uneven loading across the chain which wears down the roller link plates and sprocket teeth. Use a simple straight edge to ensure the shafts and sprockets are aligned accurately, or invest in an even more accurate laser alignment tool.

Lubricate Correctly and Sufficiently

Excessive roller chain wear and tear is also caused by a lack of proper lubrication. This could be in the form of the wrong kind of lubrication as well as insufficient amounts of the right industrial lubrication. Make sure you know what the correct type and quantity of lubrication you should be using for your chain, with an industrial chains supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Component able to help you choose the right one. Also know at what intervals you should be applying the lubrication, so the chain never runs dry.

Avoid Contamination

Keeping the roller chain and surrounding components clean is also important to maximise the service life. Contamination is unfortunately commonplace in many of the environments where industrial roller chains operate. Even ordinary dirt and dust can be abrasive and cause damage to the internal mechanisms of even the most robust industrial roller chain.

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