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RGM Gearboxes


Renowned the world over as the ‘Specialist for Worm Geared Motors’, the company known as RGM RUHRGETRIEBE in their native German has been manufacturing worm gears and worm geared motors for over 65 years. Thanks to their focus mostly being on one product type and their impressive experience in the field, RGM worm gears are utilised in almost all industrial sectors.

It is a testament to their enduring quality that so many of the RGM gearboxes and other geared motor components are still in strong demand years after their original implementation.

RGM Worm Gears

The company aims to offer real solutions with their products and thus provide an extensive product range with many different drive types. They aim to create a product range that offers the most diverse selection of drive options. Whether you require a standard model or something more unconventional, RGM Gearboxes has the solution for you.

The comprehensive range of RGM worm geared motors include those designed for a three-phase current or DC motors either with or without a permanent magnet. They can come with a foot or flange design with an angular or straight shaft outlet and a solid or hollow shaft.

RGM Gearboxes Products

As well as specialising in the aforementioned three-phase motors and DC motors with or without permanent magnets that come with a variety of foots and flanges, RGM Gearboxes manufacture a couple of additional products.

These additional RGM products include the new single-drum motor for clean rooms. It has been designed to ‘turn power transmission into a clean affair’, with the non-ventilated method helping prevent the attraction of dirt particles. In this way, the single-drum motor reduces the possibility of deposits on the motor’s smooth surface. The design also enables the easy removal of any contamination, as it is much more efficient to clean standard three-phase motors with cooling fins, which is why the single-drum motor is ideal for applications where sanitation is crucial.

RGM Gearboxes have also designed a single-phase asynchronous motor with inter-mountable worm drives. This ‘infinitely variable’ motor is designed for simple engine speed regulation and is suitable for a multitude of applications. This innovative worm drive motor solution is a decentralised variable characterised by its compact design combined with a high level of output and operational smoothness. The worm wheels of this single-phase asynchronous motor are made of a special bronze alloy, with the steel worms themselves hardened and ground while the drives feature ball-bearings that have been equipped with their own permanent lubrication.

RGM Worm Geared Motors

Of course, despite the additional products, RGM Gearboxes do maintain their focus on producing the highest quality worm geared motors. They are available to ship all over the world, with shipping within the United Kingdom exceptionally fast and free.

If you require any RGM worm gears with either a three-phase current, DC motor or DC motor with a permanent magnet, and with foots or with flanges, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading RGM gearboxes suppliers.