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Repairing Gears via Gearbox Repair Service

Gearboxes or transmissions play a crucial role in the operation of vehicles and machinery by adjusting the torque and speed transferred from the engine or motor to the device’s wheels or other working components.

They need to be robust to withstand a lot of wear and tear, though they are still susceptible to breaking down when parts wear out. This is why gearbox repair services are so valuable, as the worn parts can be replaced and the gearbox restored to good working order. Here we explain the process involved in repairing gears in a gearbox.

What Are Gears in a Gearbox?

The different sizes and shapes of gears allow gearboxes to alter torque and speed, with the most typical gears found in a gearbox being spur gears and helical gears.

The gears are located on each shaft in the gearbox, and they engage with their corresponding gears to generate torque and control speed. A smaller gear driving a larger gear will increase torque while decreasing speed, while a larger gear driving a smaller gear will decrease torque but increase speed. The former is useful for climbing hills or starting from a stop, while the latter is useful for cruising at high speeds efficiently.

Repairing Gears with a Gearbox Repair Service

Repairing the gears in a gearbox is a pretty complex task that requires specialised knowledge and skills. The repair should be performed by an experienced mechanic or technician as there are several complicated steps necessary to diagnose the issue and implement the solution.

So the first step of the gearbox repair service is the diagnosis where we identify the symptoms. The most common symptom of gear problems is unusual noises such as grinding, whining or clicking. Other symptoms include difficulty in shifting gears, gears slipping, or the vehicle simply not moving. Once we understand the symptoms we can begin the inspection.

The gearbox is inspected to determine the source of the issue, and we may employ various diagnostic tools and tests. Once we have the source of the problem, we can disassemble the gearbox and inspect the inner components.

Gearbox disassembly is a delicate task that requires careful handling to avoid damage to the gears and other internal parts. As we disassemble, we check the gear material for signs of wear, damage or deformation. We will look for common problems such as broken gear teeth, excessive wear, pitting, scoring and cracks.

If broken, worn or otherwise faulty gears are the problem, we simply replace them. In some cases, it is advisable to replace entire sets of gears to ensure matched wear and proper operation. Once the new gears are installed, we reassemble the gearbox and conduct multiple tests to ensure it is performing smoothly and correctly. This final part of the gearbox repair services process includes refilling the gearbox with the appropriate type and amount of lubrication or hydraulic fluid, and then bench testing and road testing.

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