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Regina Conveyor Chains   

Manufacture of Regina conveyor chains began back in the early 1980s, and the company has since made significant contributions to the technological innovation of the design and development of conveyor chain products.

The Regina conveyor chains are particularly known for their reliability and for being made with the best performing materials available.

Regina Conveyor Chain Materials

Regina Chains offer a complete conveyor chain product portfolio for applications including bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing. They design and manufacture stainless steel and plastic chains, plastic modular belts and gripper chains. The latter includes an extremely advanced maintenance-free range of gripper chains.

Regina produce machined and moulded sprockets as well as lubricated and standard wear strips, return rollers, side guides and other popular conveyor chain components. They also make high quality magnetic, TAB and bevel curves, with all their Polyoxymethylene (POM) conveyor products built with a special homopolymer POM supplied by the historically significant DuPont conglomerate.

Regina FliteTop Conveyor Chain

Regina offer a large selection of straight-running and side-flexing chains, which are available in either steel or thermoplastic materials. This choice of material makes the Regina FliteTop conveyor chains suitable for any application.

These Regina conveyor chains have their own special FliteTop sprockets which are available in either moulded and machined versions, and both solid or split.

Regina Matveyor Conveyor Belts

The complete range of Regina’s Matveyor modular belts available through Regina conveyor chains supplier YB Components contains a variety of different pitch measurements and top surface executions which also make them suitable for many different applications.

These Regina conveyor belts also have their own special Matveyor sprockets which are available in either moulded and machined versions, and both solid or split.

Additional Regina Conveyor Belts and Chains Components

Regina Chains manufacture corner tracks featuring either magnetic, TAB, bevel or low pin centre curves. Other Regina conveyor belt components available through a Regina conveyor chain supplier include chain guides, return rollers, product handling and various supporting components.

Regina Industrial Chains

The Regina conveyor belt range is also supported by a wide range of industrial chains. These include standard ISO-normed chains such as light and heavy conveyor chains with a wide range of attachments, extended pins and pushers. There are also heavy lifting chains, film gripper chains, oilfield chains, transport chains and agricultural chains to name but a few.

All of the Regina industrial chains are available in a wide range of steel grades, including carbon and stainless steel as well as multiple finish options such as corrosion resistant surface treatments. There are also various lubrication solutions, including one of the most advanced lubrication-free chain ranges in the form of the Enduro Series of Regina industrial chains.

If you require any Regina conveyor chains, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Regina conveyor chains supplier.