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Reducing operation and maintenance costs at an industrial workshop

In the global economy we are firmly entrenched in industrial companies are competing with one another on worldwide scale. With competition so high, more often than not, net profits are only achieved by manufacturing more efficiently at a lower cost. On the surface this might sound easier said than done. However, in the industrial manufacturing industry, costs and overheads can be fairly easily reduced and profits increased by simply assessing your industrial equipment.

Updating and modernising old, efficient systems with newer and more efficient machinery and equipment can pay off in the long-term. Within just a few months, what might seem like a strain on your budget initially, can begin paying off, resulting in the same work being carried out quicker and with less effort.

Replacing and repairing industrial components

Of course for many smaller industrial manufacturing companies, or even larger ones struggling to stay financially afloat, buying new equipment simply isn’t an option. This is when it is even more crucial to maintain all those vital internal components such as Habix couplings, Murtdfeldt wearstrips and tensioners, Lenze variable speed pulleys, and a whole host of critical industrial parts.

Significant saving made

Maintaining industrial equipment by cleaning it regularly and renewing worm gears, couplings, sensors and other vital parts before they become damaged and broken, will help your workforce carry on working at its optimum, ultimately helping you net bigger profits. Failing to maintain and repair Sirem gearboxes, Sferax lineat bearings, Sumitomo gearboxes and any essential industrial component will mean the cost of labour is inevitably increased and revenue is lost.

Due to the fact the amount of money that is spent on rotating equipment maintenance is staggered, significant savings can be made when the reliability of equipment is increased.

Organise reliability teams

In order to prevent your industrial manufacturing company from running damaged equipment until it completely fails, it could prove invaluable to assign a team or set of individuals with the task of checking the condition of machinery and essential internal parts such as gearboxes, clutches, variators and couplings. Leave such departments or individuals with the responsibility of upgrading materials and equipment specifications to “toughen up” the machinery.

Employing a quality, revered and experienced industrial machinery repair company will ensure your equipment will be adequately inspected and appropriately repaired. Making the effort to task some of your workforce with the responsibility of maintaining essential industrial components and sending them to a reliable repair specialist will ultimately reduce operation and maintenance costs at your industrial workshop.

From missing Tschan tormax couplings to faulty Sumitomo gearboxes, Y B Components will locate the part you require and provide you with a repair and maintenance service that keeps your industrial machinery working at its optimum.

Are you the owner, manager or even worker of an industrial manufacturing company and have any tips on reducing operation and maintaining costs? If so, we’d love to hear about them.