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Rectus Hose Couplings


Anyone knowledgeable about quick connect hose coupling systems will likely be able to name Rectus as one of the world’s leading specialist companies developing connection solutions for low pressure systems. For several decades now, a great reputation has been forged as Rectus hose couplings have been renowned for their high quality, precision and reliability.


The quick connect couplings produced by Rectus have been and continue to be utilised across a wide variety of environments and industries, including pneumatic and compressed air systems as well as with liquid mediums. The amount of models they have developed which remain industry leaders is into double figures and the company is not slowing down any time soon.


A Brief History of Rectus Hose Couplings


Rectus started out as a welding technology business all the way back in 1950, but within a decade and a half they began solely concentrating on quick connect couplings. The business grew as they developed better and better quick connect solutions, eventually merging with hydraulic connecting element specialist Tema at the turn of the millennium.


Then in 2007, both Rectus and Tema came under the ownership of the American Parker Hannifin Corporation (often simply referred to as Parker), the world’s most prominent market leader for motion and control components and systems. Rectus then headed up the Parker Quick Coupling Division Europe (QCDE), which is where many of their most recent innovations have been designed and manufactured for the mass market. Parker refers to Rectus as their ‘European centre of excellence for quick connect coupling solutions’ and it is an accurate description.


The decades of expertise that Rectus has accumulated now works in conjunction with the superior brand marketing and financial investment of one of the world’s biggest and best quick connect coupling manufacturers. The synergy of the combined efforts of Rectus, Tema and Parker continue to be one of the company’s greatest strengths, combining international presence with the leading technology advancements and departmental innovations in the area of pneumatic and hydraulic couplings.


Rectus Hose Coupling Designs


As with many of the Rectus hose couplings, the Type 20 model can be obtained with either a one-sided connection or with a double seal. This extremely small quick connect coupling is smaller than an average man’s thumb and is used in a variety of applications including robotics, medical instrumentation and lubrication technologies. The slightly larger Type 21 design is also available as either one-sided or double sealed, and is notable for being able to be coupled and uncoupled with one hand.


The Type 25 Rectus hose coupling has a special compact design and features the ULTRA-FLO valve, which contains a shut-off valve in the housing rather than in the male connector part. Again, it comes either one-sided or double sealed. However, the Type 26 is only available with a one-sided connection and is suitable for use with air, liquids and gases.


The one-sided or double seal option returns for the Type 27 Rectus hose coupling, which is another quick connect model featuring the ULTRA-FLO valve which has the shut-off valve in the housing rather than in the male connector.


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