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Rader-Vogel Castors

castors-1755761_1280Rader-Vogel Wheels manufacture an extensive range of castors suitable for institutional, industrial and heavy-duty applications. The castors are all of a high quality and can be in the form of swivel castors which enable the wheel to spin in a circle for multi-directional movement, or they can be fixed in place.

Rader-Vogel castors are renowned for their excellent workmanship which provides them with a long life span.

Swivel and Fixed Castors

The models in the Rader-Vogel castors range consist of a wheel, housing and axle material, with the castor usually attached either by a plate or a hole fitting. Another version of the Rader-Vogel castor is attached via a stem fitting. However they are attached, they are mostly designated by whether they are a fixed castor or a swivel castor.

A fixed castor will be attached to the transport device via a rigid fastener and will not be able to swivel around in order to move in multiple directions. It can thus only move in linear motion, forwards or backwards. They often work in tandem with swivel castors (two of each at either end), with the swivel castors able to direct and steer the transport device. A wheel lock can be added onto the fixed castor to prevent it moving.

Swivel castors obviously feature the swivelling fastener which enables them to rotate in a circle as well as being able to move in a linear direction. A full set of swivel castors enables the transport device to move in all directions without a turning circle. Directional locks can be added to a swivel castor to lock its position in place, in addition to the usual wheel lock to prevent it moving at all. The Rader-Vogel ALLSTOP lock prevents both linear and rotational movement in one go.

Rader-Vogel Institutional Castors

Institutional castors are for in-plant transportation, with these models manufactured with high-quality materials and components to ensure long life spans. There are options available with plain bearings or ball bearings, as well as optional thread guards with a choice of wheel material.

Rader-Vogel Industrial Castors

There are options for ball bearings or roller bearings, with all these industrial castors featuring housings made of strong pressed steel, zinced and chromated. They are dust and splash proof, thus perfect for industrial usage. Some models include a swivel head with a high quality thrust ball bearing and a tapered roller bearing which aids the guidance of the kingpin. Others feature Rader-Vogel’s ALLSTOP total locking device which is usually placed on the trailing side of the pressed steel housing and simultaneously prevents any rolling or swivelling motion.

Rader-Vogel Stainless Steel Castors

These Rader-Vogel stainless steel castor systems are specially designed for use in areas that have special hygiene requirements such as hospitals, commercial kitchens, fish, meat or milk-processing establishments and even slaughterhouses, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical businesses. These stainless steel castors use a variety of materials for the wheels such as the patented elastomers PEVOLON and PEVOTHAN as well as thermoplastic rubber.

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