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Protecting bearings from the elements with bearing housings

From Enemac clutches to Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes, Csv41 Senotec switching amplifiers to Desch couplings, industrial equipment of all manner of shapes, sizes, forms and complexities comprise of bearings. A bearing is essentially an element of a machine that constrains motion and limits the friction created by moving parts. In order for machinery to continue operating at its optimum, bearings need to be in good order.

So how do you protect these essential components of machinery?

Consider you environment

Whether your workshop comprises of Spaggiari geared-motors, Pujol geared units, Kumera clutches or Liming gearboxes, the environment the machinery operates in ideally should be dust and water free. Put simply, when dust and water settles around a bearing it can lead to premature destruction.

Fine dust can hamper a bearing’s efficiency, as can wet environments. If moisture gathers at the bottom of the race and mixes with the oil, the roller displaces the mixture and creates destructive conditions. Eventually as the elements scrape against the surface, failure of the roller or race can occur.

Bearing Housings

Fortunately such potentially detrimental occurrences can be avoided with bearing housings in which bearings are contained within a housing. A shaft extends from the housing. Moisture and dust can enter the bearing through the shaft entry into the housing.

In order to prolong a bearing’s life, the appropriate shaft seal and seal configuration is required to protect this vital component from moisture and dust.

Labyrinth-type bearing seals

A labyrinth-type bearing seal can only be used on a straight shaft which runs true.  These non-contact seals do not limit bearing speed. They are more suitable against dirt and dust and are not generally recommended for wet conditions.  The sealing effect of labyrinth-type bearing seals can be enhanced by filling the seal cavities with grease.

YB Components repair services

If you do have a faulty gearbox, regardless of whether it’s been caused by an inefficient running bearing or not, YB Components offer repair services to UK customers.  Simply send us your Kumera gearbox, Heynau gearbox, or any type of industrial gearbox for that matter and we’ll replace the bearings and seals as a matter of course.

Have you got any tips, advice of experience you’d like to share about protecting bearings from the elements? As always, we’re keen to hear about our customers’ and readers’ experiences in the workshop.