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Prolonging machinery life with the right industrial gear lubricant

If the likes of Spaggiari worm gearboxes, Zurrer geared motors, Sumitomo gearboxes, or just about any type of industrial gears operated in clean, cool and dry environments, our lives would be much simpler. Unfortunately as gear-driven devices are typically worked in manufacturing factories and steel plants, conditions are anything but clean, dry and cool. Consequently, the selection of industrial gear lubricant can be challenging.


High-performance additives


As technology improves, geared motor units are becoming progressively smaller, lighter and generally more compact. Alongside the shrinking size of industrial equipment that require gears, machinery is pushed to create high volumes of power and be increasingly durable and reliable.


With gearboxes downsizing and equipment loads increasing, room temperatures can often be increased, which can lead to rapid oxidisation. Oxidisation often leads to sludge being formed that can lead to the shortening of the life of both the oil and the gears.


In order to prolong the life of industrial gear oil and ultimately the longevity of machinery driven by gear boxes, the oil must comprise of a high-performance additive. Oil that is robust and thermally stable will last longer, protect the gears for longer and aid more efficient performance.


Less vicious lubricants


Lubricants play a pivotal role in eliminating potentially harmful contaminants such as water and dirt that could cause the likes of Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes and Dinal couplings to become inefficient and damaged. Lubricants that are less viscous will flow through filtration systems with greater ease. This type of oil needs to be changed less often than more vicious types of lubricant, ultimately resulting in less time and money being spent in maintaining industrial equipment.


Extended durability of the fluid


In order for Desch couplings, Heynau gearboxes, Kumera gears and the likes to be able to retain optimal performance over time and withstand in-service conditions, it is extremely important that industrial gear lubricants are durable.


Whilst most industrial fluid is durable when new, choosing an oil that has been formulated with extended durability will ensure gears continue to operate at their optimum and ultimately extend the life of the equipment.


In the long-term, efficiently working gearboxes will not only maximise productivity but will also reduce maintenance costs.


Dedicated or universal oils?


There are essentially two different types of industrial gear fluids – universal and dedicated. Universal gear oils are formulated so they are suitable for the application of automotive gears. Consequently, universal fluids may comprise of components that are unsuitable, unnecessary and even potentially damaging to industrial gearboxes.


By contrast, dedicated oil is specifically formulated for industrial equipment. Additive components that are tailored for industrial applications are added to the lubricant, which help maintain the gears, ultimately prolonging the efficiency and life of industrial equipment.


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