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Processing and Packaging Machinery


There are many different kinds of processing and packaging machinery in operation around the world that we couldn’t possibly describe them all here. But all of these machines do have a lot in common by utilising the same or similar type of components regardless of their specific task.

Here are a few of the most common packaging and processing machines and their common components.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

Many industrial machines that process goods will have a ‘Clean In Place’ system built-in. Such a built-in cleaner, often referred to simply as a CIP, is often found in machinery that features delicate or sensitive components.

If parts of the equipment or machinery are particularly sensitive to interference from the likes of dirt and dust or even harmful pathogens, then it may need to be aseptically cleaned to eradicate any potential contamination from outside sources. Having a built-in CIP makes this process quick, easy and safe.

Coding and Marking Systems

A coding and marking machine applies the likes of barcodes and other identifiers such as dates and other relevant information onto any suitable receptacle such as a package or product. These machines can use either a contact or non-contact method but will most often be computer-controlled so that they can be programmed.

Programmable coding and marking systems are more frequent in these modern times and they are usually connected electronically to any of the many types of packaging machine will usually use an ink jet printer to impart the relevant computer generated information.

Conveyor Belt and Chain Systems

A conveyor’s purpose is to move many items quickly or heavy or large items easily. The goods they transport can range from all sorts of products to packages and containers, usually in the form of bulk products, small unit loads such as cartons and glass bottles, all the way up to the likes of large barrels and fully laden pallets.

There are many different types of conveyor belt machinery that utilise different types of chains or variable speed belts. Ave Chains and Lenze Pulleys are just two of the many chain, belt and pulley manufacturers whose products are available through UK machine parts suppliers such as YB Components.

Carton-Packing Machines

Machines that pack goods into cartons are a type of packaging system which will take a pre-made carton in a flat form and erect it, fill it with the product, and then close or seal it shut again.

The seal is often a glue administered from a fluid-dispensing system such as one using Spraymation parts, or the carton-packing machine may work in tandem with or have incorporated into it a specialised closing machine.

Pallet Loading Machinery

The loading and unloading of pallets can be dangerous if the goods being loaded are heavy or fragile, but pallet loading securing machinery makes the process much safer and easier. The machines assemble batches of goods such as packages or other such rigid containers on a pallet and then secure the load on the pallet to keep it stable while it is transported.

These pallet packaging machines use a variety of gearboxes and geared-motor units to load the pallets and secure them.

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