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There are few better manufacturers of pneumatic industrial machinery components than the firm best known as Parker. The American conglomerate’s merging of the quick connect coupling specialist Rectus (renowned for the Rectus hose coupling) with the hydraulic connecting element specialist Tema created an unrivalled pneumatic parts manufacturer.

Now Parker boast a stacked catalogue full of air hose and quick couplings for as many different applications as exist in the world. Below we run through a selection of some of the Parker products available today.

Series 20 – Air Hose Quick Coupling

Similar to the original Rectus hose coupling, the Series 20 couplings are specially built for pneumatic air hoses. Parker’s version is a general purpose quick coupling with nipples that are ideally suited to applications featuring low air pressure or fluid lines that require quick and easy connection and disconnection.

These quick coupling systems can come with a nominal diameter of 2.5 for pneumatic and fluid handling applications up to 35 bar pressure. The profile of the 20 Series is international and there are options with regard to the material it is made from.

Series 21 – Quick Coupling

Featuring a universal profile, this Series 21 quick coupling system has a nominal diameter of 5 for pneumatic applications and can handle pressure up to 35 bar. The Series 21 coupling is available made of either brass or stainless steel.

Series 25 – Premium Quick Coupling

The couplings in the 25 Series have a European profile and are premium quick coupling systems that come with nominal 7.8 diameters and a pneumatic air pressure maximum of 35 bar. The design of this Series 25 premium quick coupling is especially compact while it also features the ULTRA-FLO valve. This means that instead of featuring the shut-off valve in the male connector part, this proprietary valve design includes it in the housing instead. They are available made of brass or stainless steel.

Series 26 – Basic Quick Coupling

The 26 Series couplings also features a European profile but are a much more basic quick coupling system with a nominal diameter 7.2 for pneumatic applications, with a pressure maximum once again up to 35 bar. Also once again available made of brass or stainless steel.

Series 27 – Premium Quick Coupling

Another premium quick coupling system with a European profile is the Series 27 quick coupling system. It has a nominal diameter of 10 which makes it the largest of the standard European profile coupling systems available through Parker. The suitable pneumatic and fluid handling applications for this coupling are any that produce pressures of up to 35 bar. Like the previous series, the Series 27 premium quick couplings are available made of brass or stainless steel.

Additional Parker Pneumatics Industrial Components

Other air hose and quick coupling products similar to the Rectus hose coupling include Parker’s ‘Twist On  and Off’ air flow quick couplings, which are especially useful for any pneumatic machinery that must alleviate pressure during operation. There are also many quick coupling products that are ideal for vacuum or pressure applications where pipes pumping fluids or gases require quick and simple connection and disconnection.

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