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PMI Linear Guideways: The MSB Series


The MSB Series of PMI linear bearing units are designed to achieve a finely balanced pre-load which enables the rigidity to be increased in four directions while still maintaining a low frictional resistance. It is this quality that ensures PMI-AMT products such as the MSB15SSSFCN linear guideway model are particularly suited both to high precision and any motions requiring high rigidity.

MSB Series Ball Trains and Lubrication

The ball trains of the MSB Series are specifically designed to a produce a contact angle of 45 degrees which is what helps them to bear equal loads either in radial or reversed radial directions. The 45 degree contact angle also allows for the bearing of equal loads in all lateral directions.

PMI Linear Bearings (formerly AMT) also have a patented lubrication technique for their products which improves the accuracy and lifespan of the guideways they manufacture. The technique includes a unique lubrication application which helps the lubricant be evenly distributed across each and every circulation loop which ensures the optimum lubrication can be achieved regardless of the operational direction of the linear bearing unit. Thanks to this special lubrication method, the PMI products are renowned for their reliability as well as their operational and service life.

Below we will take a closer look at one of the products from the MSB Series to see how the special design mechanics of the PMI manufacturing process helps create one of the most reliable and accurate linear bearing units on the market today.

PMI-AMT Linear Guideway – MSB15SSSFCN

The MSB15SSSFCN linear bearing unit is a compact guideway which is capable of the aforementioned equal load bearing in four directions (both radial and all lateral directions). This is mainly due to the angle of contact between the moving parts, which PMI realised can massively affect a guideway’s load-bearing versatility.

While being able to handle loads in multiple directions obviously lends itself to accuracy, the MSB15SSSFCN guideway is especially accurate primarily because of the self-alignment capability that the PMI engineers included when designing this product. When the product starts to misalign or experiences an impact or vibration which has the potential to cause misalignment, the self-alignment capability resets the guideway to ensure it maintains its accuracy.

The precision accuracy along with the directional versatility ensure this PMI linear guideway always operates with a smooth movement while producing only the minimum of noise.

Other MSB Series Options

Other linear bearing products similar to the MSB15SSSFCN include variants that feature optional installation positions such as from the top, the bottom or from sideways on. There are also variants of each model which are significantly longer than the standard version which creates additional rigidity. But whether using the standard version or the longer and more rigid version of each model, all of the linear guideways in the MSB Series can be relied upon to produce a similar accuracy and smooth performance.

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