Planetary Gears for Engineering

Planetary gears are used in a lot of modern engineering which is why YB Components supply high quality gears like MGM planetary gears by MGM Electric Motors. They are frequently used in gearboxes to power applications such as plant machinery and even the latest electric vehicles.

They consist of a standard configuration featuring a central drive with orbiting gears, a basic design of which was first conceived a couple of thousand years ago. Today planetary gears are used to provide large portions of torque density for applications that require a high amount of operational efficiency and durability. Torque density is a term used to described the measurement of the torque-carrying capability of a mechanical component, and it is vital for some applications that the planetary gear provides enough torque.

Planetary gears are often used in wheel and track drives, as well as slew, hoist and winch drives. They are used with conveyors, mixing machines and pumps, as well as with coil tubing injectors and drilling drives.

Planetary Gear Basics

A standard planetary gear set consists of three components which combine to create torque. These components include the ‘sun gear’ or central gear which is the part in the middle of the set, plus the ring or outer gear around the outside. There are also multiple planet gears orbiting the sun gear.

Together, this gear set is one of the stages of a planetary gearbox. Doubling or tripling the amount of stages enables the gearbox to produce higher torque ratios and thus produce more torque density. Usually powered by motors likes those manufactured by MGM Electric Motors, planetary gearboxes can be also be powered by hydraulic motors or combustion engines fuelled by petrol or diesel.

How Planetary Gears Work

Planetary gears work by distributing the load from the sun gear across multiple orbiting gears which then will drive an outer ring, shaft or spindle. The sun gear receives low-torque input moving at high speed which it uses to drive rotating external gears to increase the torque density.

MGM Planetary Gears for Engineering

Manufacturer MGM Electric Motors have a planetary gear called the EX Series. The Planetary EX Series is suitable for a wide range of engineering applications and is available through YB Components. Local stocks are kept of all parts so that they can be shipped fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world. Businesses based around Yorkshire can also benefit from same day delivery in urgent cases.

As well as the Planetary EX Series, MGM Electric Motors also manufacture a wide variety of squirrel cage motors and brake motors, as well as parallel/inline helical gears, shaft mounted gears, parallel shafts, bevel helical, industrial line, worm gears and speed variators.

If you require any planetary gears like those manufactured by MGM Electric Motors, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading MGM planetary gear suppliers.