Parts Suppliers Play Vital Part in the Industrial Sector


The manufacture of industrial machinery components is one of the most global and internationally diverse industries in the world. For example, there are several high quality gearbox manufacturers dotted around the globe in various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The same can be said for many of the other important machine parts such as couplings and variable speed belts.


With so many different manufacturing brands to choose from, and with many specialising in specific parts for specific purposes, it’s important that these products are made available to businesses who may need them no matter where their operations are based. That’s why parts suppliers like YB Components are so important to the industrial machinery sector. No matter which machinery component is required, YB Components can ship that part to your business even if the manufacturer of that part is on the other side of the world and without a delivery system of their own.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the industrial machinery parts available via the YB Components website.


Industrial Gearboxes and Motors


There are so many high quality gearbox manufacturers around the world that sourcing the exact component you need for the machines at your business can be hard work. That work becomes a lot easier though when you go through gearbox suppliers such as YB Components who list all the gearboxes manufacturers and their models for you to peruse easily.


The brands of gearboxes manufacturers include industry leaders such as Bauer, Heynau, Li-Ming, Pujol, Sirem, Spaggiari, Sumitomo and Zurrer. YB Components have actually been sourcing these products themselves for many years and can ship them to over forty countries around the world.


Couplings and Clutches


There is a huge range of couplings available for shipping all around the world via YB Components. There are many flexible coupling designs and many rigid coupling models and everything in between in a wide variety of sizes. Brands available through the YB website include all the top couplings manufacturers including Desch, Din.Al, Enemac, Falk, Jaure, Kauermann, Kumera, KWD Kupplungswerk, Reich, Sit and Tschan.


If you require any designs by these couplings manufacturers, then get in touch with YB Components as they are the premium couplings suppliers operating out of the UK.


Variable Speed Pulleys and Belts


There is very good selection of variable speed pulleys and belts to choose from. It is also possible to acquire obsolete printing machine pulleys. Brands available through YB Components include famous pulley and v-belt manufacturers such as Berges, Browning, Carlisle, Deepak, Lenze, Lovejoy, Miki, Sit and TB Woods.


Ancillary Products


There is also a great deal of ancillary or miscellaneous products which can be supplied too. Industrial item such as anti-vibration mounts, chains, wearstrips, tensioners, sensors, linear bearings and spring balancers are available.


If you require any of the products mentioned above such as gearboxes, variable speed belts or any clutches and couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading industrial machine part suppliers who can ship these parts all over the world.