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Parallel Shaft Gearboxes for High Torque and Horsepower

There are multiple different types of shaft arrangements possible in the design of a gearbox, with parallel shaft gearboxes ideal for applications that require a lot of torque and horsepower.

There are other considerations too, and it is important to understand the purposes and benefits of each type of shaft arrangement to ensure you maximise the performance the application. Some applications will benefit from a concentric shaft arrangement, while others may be more suited to a right-angled shaft arrangement.

Here we look closer at each of these different shaft arrangements, and identify when it is better to choose parallel shaft gearboxes. First let’s explain exactly what the gearbox shaft arrangement means.

Gearbox Shaft Arrangement Explained

The shaft arrangement of gearboxes refers to where the high speed and low speed shaft extensions are located in relation to each other. While sometimes constrained by the available space in the application, the positioning of the high and low speed shafts is usually determined by the locations of both the driving motor and the equipment being driven. This positioning of the shafts is what determines the suitability of each gearbox design for a particular application.

Space limitations will always be one of the primary determining factors when selecting which gearbox shaft arrangement is most suitable, although the different arrangements also tend to have different advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s examine the three most common gearbox shaft arrangements and where parallel shaft gearboxes are most beneficial.

Concentric Gearboxes

A concentric gearbox may also be known as an inline gear drive, and features a shaft arrangement where the high and low speed shafts are both on the same horizontal and vertical planes. This arrangement enables multiple concentric gearboxes to be placed in a row thanks to the shafts being aligned in a straight line.

Right Angle Gearboxes

A right-angled gearbox features a shaft arrangement where the high speed and low speed shafts are at a 90 degree angle to each other. These particular gearboxes are popularly used with applications such as conveyor systems as they enable the driven equipment to be located very close to the driver. This right-angled arrangement is also well suited for use with large driving motors that are mounted directly on to the shaft, usually to reduce the amount of load that the shaft must tolerate.

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

As the name suggests, parallel shaft gearboxes feature the shafts located parallel to each other. The benefit of this arrangement is that a parallel shaft gearbox can produce significantly higher torque and horsepower than concentric gearboxes and standard right-angled gearboxes.

The wider gear ratio range of parallel shaft gearboxes also makes them more versatile and thus suitable for a wider range of applications.

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