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Packaging Machinery Trends and Influences   


The packaging industry relies a lot on a variety of components to operate the necessary machinery, such as the Regina conveyor chains available through YB Components. The kind of components needed can change over time as new technological innovations arrive on the scene, with various trends and influences directing the path of development.

As Regina conveyor chains suppliers, as well as supplying many of the other vital components used in packaging machinery, we keep an eye on the emerging developments in the sector so we understand what our customers may need from us in the future. What we see is an industry on the verge of massive change as some serious concerns are being addressed while innovations continue to open up new opportunities.

Here we’ll share some insight into the current trends and influences that are affecting the packaging machinery industry.

Customisation Driving Technological Innovation

There are many companies working to develop the next of generation of packaging machinery, with customisable packaging and innovative packaging configurations being one of the major drivers.

These innovations offer a way to attract customers and differentiate a company from its competitors while also being safer and more environmentally friendly, which we will speak more about further below.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Another technological innovation massively influencing the packaging industry is artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, although vital machinery components like Regina conveyor chains are in no danger of being made redundant just yet.

Some of the AI technology has been around a while, but the Covid-19 pandemic really kick-started its implementation in the packaging industry. Workforce issues and higher labour costs are just two of the biggest factors increasing interest in AI and automated technologies.

Growing Environmental Concerns

An ongoing influence on developments in the packaging industry is the effect of packaging materials on the environment. It has already been a concern for years at this point, and it continues to dominate the conversation. Many consumers are also waking up to their own responsibility to avoid products with excessive packaging, so companies using packaging machinery should be aware of how they may be perceived due to their practices.

Plastic pollution and its contribution to climate change is often highlighted as an issue that needs to be addressed more adequately, with authorities in many of the most affected areas already taking drastic action against the plastic waste washing up on their beaches and gathering in large swathes in the ocean.

The demand for greener and cleaner packaging materials that cause less pollution and are more easily recycled is only going to grow from hereon in. This could be a significant issue for many companies as changing their established packaging configuration or materials may require a significant investment into new equipment.

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