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OSIP Pumps for Fluid Transfer


YB Components are now supplying the UK with OSIP Pumps, which includes their range of high quality industrial electropumps.

The OSIP industrial pumps are made in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy by a team of skilled engineers boasting over 40 years of experience producing high quality products. The range of OSIP industrial pumps includes both low pressure and high pressure pumps, as well as special OSIP pumps for granulated impurities. There are also peripheral OSIP industrial pumps and a close-coupled design.

Let’s look closer at each category of OSIP industrial pumps.

Low Pressure OSIP Pumps

The low pressure electric pumps are ‘submerged stem’ OSIP industrial pumps, and they are designed to pump coolant liquids and lubricating mixtures into machine tools. They are useful for any application requiring a low pressure flow of liquid from the storage tank to the working point.

These low pressure OSIP pumps are particularly suited for use with lubricants and coolant liquids.

High Pressure OSIP Pumps

Another ‘submerged stem’ OSIP industrial pump, this time designed for high pressure usage. These electric fluid transfer pumps combine the advantages of the vertical submerged end pump with the peripheral impeller.

These OSIP pumps generate high pressure against a limited flow for pump refrigerant liquids through a range of limited section nozzles.

Granulated Impurities OSIP Industrial Pumps

These electric OSIP pumps are also ‘submerged stem’ electropumps designed for circulation of coolant liquids and lubricants in machine tools, as well as in glass or plastics processing machines. They are useful for any application requiring high flow and low pressure.

These granulated impurities pumps are best suited for use with coolant and refrigerant liquids containing solvents. Do note that a filter may be required to keep the tank clean if the liquids contain very small impurities.

Peripheral OSIP Industrial Pumps

The peripheral OSIP industrial pumps are made with brass and designed to generate high pressure against a limited flow rate. They consume a low amount of power and are particularly suitable for sanitary and industrial applications.

These OSIP pumps are made entirely of brass which prevents any problems with locking and seizure.

Close-Coupled OSIP Pumps

The close-coupled OSIP pump is a closed-up centrifugal horizontal pump, assembled according to EN-733 standards. This OSIP industrial pump is suitable for water supply, pressurization and fire systems, as well as cooling, heating, irrigation, agricultural and industrial applications.

They are also equipped with a counter-flange so the close-coupled OSIP industrial pump can be attached to piping via a flange-to-flange connection with a pump discharge.

If you require any OSIP industrial pumps, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading OSIP Pumps supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world