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Osborn Rollers Load Runners

The Load Runner range manufactured by Osborn Rollers features a variety of heavy-duty idler rollers and associated products designed specifically to maintain accuracy and precision during high-capacity load handling tasks.

Osborn’s Load Runners provide high precision performance across numerous applications and are available in all standard configurations, including either metric or imperial, stud or yoke, as well as ranging in rolling sizes up to 12” (30.5cm).

The reliable Load Runner rollers will also help to significantly reduce your overall material handling system costs.

Specific Attributes of Osborn Load Runners

Osborn’s engineers have designed their product to have a unique profile for each and every suitable application, applying their engineering and manufacturing expertise to truly set the Load Runners brand apart from rival products.

Each product in the Load Runners range has been designed according to numerous considerations such as how they should perform with a variety of moisture and temperature extremes, multiple speed variants as well as different load weights and sizes.

Other attributes incorporated into the designs include lubrication requirements, operating environments and cycle counts. All such influencing factors are considered with the sole aim of achieving optimum results.

Superior Engineering for Longer Lasting Rollers

Osborn’s robust Load Runner range is manufactured in the USA out of carefully fabricated outer shells or treads with high tolerance shafts with precisely-fitted bearings.

The Osborn engineers ensure the treads, shafts and bearings are perfectly matched to form a cohesive and high performing unit. This design expertise is what sees Osborn rollers favoured for use in hundreds of applications across dozens of different industries in over 120 countries around the world.

Another special feature of the Load Runner rollers is their heat-treated specialty steel, which along with the precision bearings produces a maintenance-free lubrication and seal system. This means the Load Runners have a naturally longer life than rival products, and the longer life mean lower costs for any business that uses them.

The design and manufacturing process as well as Osborn’s exacting engineering principles ensure all of their Load Runner rollers achieve better balance, maximum bearing life and less tread and outer shell wear. They also achieve reduced power consumption as well as smoother and quieter operation.

Osborn Rollers Special Features

The rollers available through Osborn rollers distributors such as YB Components feature a number of custom designs and special features. In addition to the standard Load Runners, Osborn Rollers manufacture products with crowned profiles or double-flanges. There are also stainless steel versions and options for special plating such as zinc or chrome, as well as non-metallic tread materials such as urethane.

If you require any of the products in the Osborn Load Runner range or any of the many other Osborn rollers manufactured to their usual high quality standards, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Osborn rollers suppliers.