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New Year, New Products!


Towards the end of 2020 we introduced some new manufacturers as well as some new products from established brands that are available for fast and free shipping all over the UK and the rest of the world. We’re going to start 2021 with a quick review of these latest additions to our range of machinery parts and components.

Here’s what’s new for 2021…

Laifual Drives

Laifual Drives make long lasting maintenance-free planetary gear reducers, with their product range now available through Laifual Drive suppliers YB Components. Their high precision harmonic reducers feature a low starting torque with a high torque maximum, a low temperature rise and a big speed ratio despite their compact size. The Laifual Drive gear reducers are often used with industrial robots and medical equipment, as well as high precision automation equipment.

The high torque and high rigidity LFB Series of planetary gear reducers use helical gears to reduce vibration and noise. They are ideal for applications requiring precision control as they feature a standard backlash of just 3 arc-min.

The LFH Series of planetary gear reducers provide the same high precision and accuracy thanks to the backlash of 3 arc-min, but use needle roller bearings to produce high rigidity and torque instead of the helical gears. The LFT Series of Laifual gear reducers have most of the same characteristics as the LFH Series but in an alternative design for different applications.

Swati Pulley

Swati Pulley make variable speed belts for a wide range of applications. The Swati Pulley Fixed Centre Drive pulleys use wide V-belts and have a speed variation ratio of 1:7, with the speed of both the driver and driven shafts adjustable via fixed centre distancing.

The Swati Pulley Variable Centre Drive has a much more limited speed variation ratio of 1:3, which is more suited to different applications than the Fixed Centre Drive. The Variable Centre Drive also uses the reliable wide V-belts, with the speed able to be changed using the centre distance between the driving variable centre drive and the driven fixed speed pulley. This product is often used in breweries and distilleries, pharmaceutical operations, gravity separators and leather processing machinery.

The Swati Pulley VeloAir Variable Pitch Pulley enables air speed and throw control by allowing the operator to adjust the output speed of the air handling unit as required. The CNC Turning Centres are precisely turned and available in a variety of sizes. The VeloAir products are ideal for applications involving roof top units, air handling units, fans and blowers.

New Deepak Pulley Products

Deepak Pulleys also released some new products to add to their already formidable range. Now available through Deepak Pulleys suppliers YB Components are the Asymmetric Belt Drive, Adjustable Centre Drive with Diaphragm Springs and the Adjustable Centre Drive for Standard V-Belts.

If you require any Laifual Drives, Swati Pulley or Deepak Pulleys products then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading machine parts suppliers.