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As chains and belts are vital and yet also the most easy-wearing parts in many machinery applications, they are often the parts that need replacing the most. Their easy-wearing tendencies are due to the fact that they are constantly in motion and constantly subjected to a multitude of high stresses and strains.

Additional turbulent movement is caused by the belt needing to be pre-tensioned and the chain links stretched, which all adds to the relatively short lifespan of belts.

One manufacturer has been designing special tensioning systems to combat this problem.

Murtfeldt Tensioners, Suppliers and Manufacture

To minimise the natural wear and tear, the reliable tensioning systems Murtfeldt manufacture keep chains and belts at the ideal tension to help maximise their operational lifespan. They have been used in industrial machinery around the world for decades and have proven to be some of the best tensioning products on the market.

Murtfeldt manufacture a diverse range of different tensioning systems to meet most requirements. All Murtfeldt tensioners suppliers like YB Components supply have the declaration of installation in line with the Machinery Directive EC 2006/42/EC.

Benefits of Murtfeldt Tensioners

The tensioning systems Murtfeldt manufacture feature a smooth chain path that creates a significant reduction in wear and tear on the likes of chain joints and drive sprockets. The smooth chain path also enables a reduction in working noise.

The Murtfeldt products are usually small in size overall and are easily assembled, often featuring an automatic adjustment capability as well as equalization of chain and belt extension. The Murtfeldt tensioners suppliers like YB Components supply can be used as a chain and belt guard, with the ability to deflect chain and belt drive disturbances.

They also come equipped with an extremely useful optical display feature that makes the life of the operators much easier.

Murtfeldt Optical Displays

The Murtfeldt tensioners suppliers make available all over the UK and the world also feature quick and safe detection of any adjustments needed via their optical control displays. The display operates with a traffic light-style system, using the green, yellow and red colours to present a visual indication of the chain tensioner’s performance level.

When the optical control display light is green, the chain tensioner is producing its optimal performance and the tensioning force is providing a smooth running movement.

When the yellow light is displayed, this means the tensioning force is not ideal but is still performing sufficiently for the time being.

A red light on the optical control display means the chain tensioner needs to be adjusted. This will be because the tensioning force on the chain has dropped too low for a smooth and reliable running movement.

This simple system allows the operators to understand the state of the chain tensioner instantly and at a glance.

If you require any products Murtfeldt manufacture such as their roller chain wearstrips or their round link chain wearstrips, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Murtfeldt tensioners suppliers.