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Murtfeldt Still Making the Best Tensioners and Wearstrips


Murtfeldt are a long-established German company who specialise in the production of plastic wearstrips and tensioners, with their trademarked ‘S’ Green product installing the company as one of the world’s leading plastics manufacturers. Murtfeldt tensioners manufacture is a streamlined process which creates an unrivalled end product, and the Murtfeldt wearstrips manufacturing process is no less esteemed. After sixty-two years of development, Murtfeldt are still producing some of the best examples of these products in the world today.


A Brief History of Murtfeldt Plastics


Murtfeldt Plastics were founded in 1954 by Fritz Murtfeldt, who at the time intended to produce and market industrial tools of all types for mining and various other industries using heavy machinery. What’s remarkable about this company is that in 1954, plastics were not used at all in any type of machine construction. But Fritz had a plan.


By 1958, Fritz had overseen the creation of an ultra-high molecular polyethylene plastic product called Original Material ‘S’ Green, which became a trademark of Murtfeldt Plastics. The ‘S’ Green plastic (so named because of its green hue) has become synonymous with excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as high resistance to acids. The first applications of this new plastic product were mostly in the steel industry at the time, thanks to ‘S’ Green’s high resistance to the chemicals used in that industry. But despite this early specialisation, Murtfeldt’s patented product would soon come to be used in a variety of machine constructions due to its unique slide capabilities on top of its high resistance to abrasion.


Murtfeldt commenced in-house production of the material in 1963, converting an old bakery in the city of Dortmund into their first factory. Soon, their production of the material that would eventually be used to produce Murtfeldt wearstrips and tensioners caused the company to cease its trade in the other industrial products they had originally either produced or marketed.


Certification of Quality for Murtfeldt Wearstrips and Tensioners


As long ago as 1994, Murtfeldt gained the ISO 9001 certification of quality management for Murtfeldt tensioners manufacture and Murtfeldt wearstrips manufacture. The certification helps companies to improve and streamline operations while reducing unnecessary costs, as well as win more business contracts and satisfy their customers. To receive the certification, a business should be sustainable and have strong corporate governance as well as work effectively with stakeholders and the supply chain.


Additionally, the German plastic experts would go on to become one of the very first businesses to achieve the environmental certification ISO 14001, which provides guidance on how to incorporate multiple aspects of business procurement, storage, distribution, product development and manufacturing with a view to sustainability and waste reduction.


Murtfeldt Plastics Products


The products Murtfeldt manufactures are used in a variety of industries specialising in the likes of packaging, filling and transport systems. The Murtfeldt product line is also used in automation engineering, assembly and handling technology, drives engineering, conveyor technology, medical engineering, pharmaceutical production, laboratory equipment, as well as the beverage and food industry. The abrasion-resistant and glide-enabling plastics have made Murtfeldt plastics one of the world’s leading manufacturers of slide profiles, chain and belt guides.


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