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Mondall Self-Aligning Bearing Supports


Mondall are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-aligning bearing supports and conveyor components. The company also produces a number of other industrial components and accessories, with t–slot aluminium extrusions and framings being one of their specialities along with the extensive range of self-aligning bearing supports.


Mondall’s stated company vision is to provide all the t-slot component solutions possible for any business involved in machine frame manufacture, assembly line building and other production facilities as well as many other numerous industrial applications across a wide variety of sectors.


How Mondall Became a Global Force


In recent years, Mondall have established themselves as a world leader in the sector of accessories for aluminium profiles. When the company first began, the firm’s ethos was simply to be as good as they could be, and that ethos has borne exponential growth which has in turn seen the business go from strength to strength. These days, Mondall takes a lot of pride in having helped re-establish the global importance of products that are “Made in Italy”.


While Mondall continue to manufacture the highest quality parts such as their renowned self-aligning bearing supports, they are also investing in research and development of the latest technology. They also make a point of employing the very best marketing experts, engineers and production staff to ensure they maintain their excellent output. It is their intention to continue supplying products of the highest quality in terms of efficiency and reliability to multiple industrial sectors such as construction and automobile manufacture, and also in the field of renewable energy.


Mondall Self-Aligning Bearing Supports


The self-aligning bearing supports manufactured by Mondall are all intended to be practical and functional solutions for many different industrial applications. As their name suggests, the self-aligning bearing supports help reduce wear and tear and other maintenance concerns by being able to adjust their alignment mid-operation to maintain maximum productivity.


There are self-aligning bearing support designs made almost entirely from engineering plastic, while others are mostly made from AISI steel. Regardless of the material of each model, the exquisite build quality guarantees sturdiness and provides the ideal amount of protection each bearing needs.


Additionally, all of Mondall’s self-aligning bearing support designs feature a high resistance to corrosion. This extra resistance is due to the design and various materials used which enable Mondall’s products to be used within the food or pharmaceutical industries, as well as the many other less particular sectors.


Mondall Conveyor Components

Mondall manufacture a wide range of accessories for any application using a conveyor belt system. In their conveyor components catalogue, Mondall boast various designs including a standard mat top version as well as a chain conveyor. They also produce high quality fixed guide rails and roller side guides, as well as a variety of support flanges and sliding profile components.


Again, the excellent design and material quality of the Mondall conveyor components allows them to be used within industries that process or supply sensitive materials such as the food, bottling and pharmaceutical industries.


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