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Mondall Conveyor Components


Mondall are one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for aluminium profiles. They have been growing as a force within the sector for years now and have been investing in research, development and technology. They boast some of the best engineers and production staff in the industry and are proud to guarantee the quality of their ‘Made in Italy’ products.

Mondall are constantly seeking to improve the quality of their products, with the firm dedicated to ensuring absolute reliability and efficiency. Their products are widely used in automation, construction and renewable energy technology. Their accessories are compatible with the majority of 5, 6, 8 and 10-slot aluminium profiles prevalent on the market.

Mondall Conveyor Components

Mondall’s selection of conveyor components consists of a wide range of accessories for any belt conveyor. This includes classic mat tops to chain conveyors and beyond. They design and build fixed guide rails and roller side guides as well as support flanges and sliding profile accessories. They have guide rail clamps and brackets, chain guide profiles, frame support components and tightening elements such as knobs and ratchet handles. They also make several supporting and levelling elements.

The Mondall components are suitable for the bottling, food and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as for multiple applications in the industrial sector.

Mondall Self-Aligning Bearing Supports

Mondall’s self-aligning bearing supports are a practical and functional solution for many different industrial applications. Their bearing supports offer incredible sturdiness and protection to the bearing thanks to the engineering plastic or the AISI body. The Mondall components for supporting bearings feature high resistance to corrosion and thus makes them suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Other Mondall Components and Accessories

Mondall manufacture a number of other accessories apart from their conveyor components and self-aligning bearing supports. Their nuts and screws, for example, are suitable for a variety of profile assemblies, joints and connection flanges. They make different kinds of screws such as hammer head, button head and self tapping screws. They also make washers, nuts, hammer nuts and roll-in nuts with a spring leaf. You’ll also find the classic t-slot nuts, square nuts, rectangular nuts and flange nuts and much more.

They also design and build many different kinds of joints and connections. They  provide all possible solutions for any type of connection between T-Slot aluminium framings and all other accessories required for orthogonal junctions or angles. As well as connections for T-slot aluminium profiles, Mondall manufacture linear joints, roll-in linear joints, perpendicular joints and joints with a ball. Their range of connectors is extensive and features inner connectors, quick connectors, bolt connectors and central connectors, plus connectors for angular joints, pivot joints, connection plates and cube connectors.

They also find time to make cover caps for connections and connection angles in square 3-way connection angles, frictioned joints and anti-rotation devices.

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