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Y B Components are able to supply all parts from Mondall. (Stock in Italy)

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MONDALL conveyors components
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This section offers a wide range of accessories for any belt conveyor: from the classic mat top to the chain conveyor. We have fixed guide rails and roller side guides, support flanges, format change or sliding profile accessories.

Suitable for the bottling, food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.


MONDALL self aligning bearing supports

Their conveyor components catalogue includes:– Product guide rails;

– Roller side guides;

– Format change or sliding profile accessories;

– Guide rail clamps and brackets;

– Chain guide profiles;

– Frame support components;

– Tightening elements (knobs and ratchet handles);

– Supporting and leveling elements.

Mondall’s self-aligning bearing supports represent a practical and functional solution for various industrial applications.

The engineering plastic or AISI body guarantees sturdiness and an excellent protection to the bearing. Their high resistance to corrosion makes them suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry.

Mondall, leading company in the sector of accessories for aluminium profiles,

entered the market as a strong young company and was rewarded with an exponential

growth during the last years.

Mondall guarantees the quality of new Made in Italy products on the global market investing in research,

development, technology, marketing experts, engineers and production staff.