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Mining equipment maintenance and repairs advice


Industrial equipment comprises of an intricate and complex network of internal components of the likes of Sepro ab suppliers control systems, Orpex couplings, Falk wraplex couplings, Centrex clutches and Berges variable speed pulleys. Numerous industries rely on industrial equipment to keep the cogs of the sector turning, and none more so than the mining industry.

As machinery and equipment required in for mining can be costly, it is within the interest of every company operating within the industry to maintain their equipment well in order to reduce equipment downtime.

YB Components, machinery components suppliers since 1993, explores some maintenance solutions for industrial equipment used in the mining industry.

Regular inspections and operator training

As Apriso advises in its blog about maintenance tips to extend the life and return on investment of equipment, large machinery needs to be inspected, not only regularly but as soon as it’s purchased.

The operators working the equipment should not only be sufficiently trained but the training should be regularly updated.

“Employees come and go, skills become rusty and poor operation leads to breakdowns,” writes Apriso.

Also, employers should not be frightened to update equipment manuals for a specific application. Manuals can be modified and written in a more simple language or a shorter manual should be provided for easy reference.

Stay on top of lubrication

As YB Components advised in our blog about the benefits of properly lubricated industrial parts, regularly lubricated internal components within machinery will prevent corrosion and help extend the life of equipment in industries such as mining.

Apriso reiterates the importance of adding and testing lubricants frequently, noting how lubricants reduce friction around moving parts such as Ave chains, Berges speed belts and Conax clutches.

Asides regularly inspecting lubricants and checking for signs of grease build-up on parts and excess oil, it is vital to use the right lubricant.

Checking lubricants is also a good way to diagnose problems with large equipment, as Apriso states:

“Getting the lubricants checked is a good way to diagnose problems with large machinery. Experts analyse particles in the used oil. The makeup of any contaminants will indicate which part may be suffering from wear or breakdown.”

Use inspection checklists

In an article about Mining Equipment Maintenance Solutions, SGS stresses the importance of using inspection checklists relevant to specific equipment and systems within the mining industry.

Keep records of maintenance and repair schedules

Part of your maintenance programme for industrial equipment for mining sector should include comprehensive tracking of maintenance and repair schedules. Electrical systems, internal components, fluids and tyres should all be regularly checked and a record made of the time, date and outcome of the inspection.

If you require industrial parts for the mining industry that needs replacing or locating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with YB Components, specialists in the supply of industrial components for a myriad of industries.