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Miki Components: Electromagnetic Clutches


Miki Pulley are a Japanese company with offices and plants in a number of countries around Europe and Asia. The most famous Miki components are their stepless speed changer products, though they also manufacture a number of other high quality industrial machine parts such as electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

Miki Pulley Company History

Mike Pulley started business as a humble parts maker in 1939, with the company starting to evolve into the globally-esteemed manufacturer they are known as today in the mid-1950s when they acquired the patent for a mechanical stepless speed changer. The immediate success of this crucial component enabled the company to expand into a new plant in 1961, with production of their innovative electrical stepless speed changer beginning soon after.

They also began developing electromagnetic clutches and brakes, products which would really take-off in popularity during the 1970s. This period also saw the company sign a number of partnerships with other firms to produce industrial machinery products such as shaft couplings and torque tenders.

In 1980, Miki Pulley’s then-president Yoshiharu Miki was awarded the Yellow Ribbon Medal of Honour, which Japanese authorities award to individuals who have become public role models thanks to their ‘diligence and perseverance’ exhibited during their professional activities. Later that year, the company began production of their GTO Inverter V FREQ product and expanded further into the industrial machinery components manufacturing sector.

Their expansion continued over the years, and in 2004 they acquired the ISO14001 certification while establishing an office in Shanghai and a subsidiary firm in Denmark. The ISO9001: 2000 certification was acquired in 2006.

2009 was another great year for Miki components, when the BES model of their electromagnetic clutch and brake received the Manufacturing Parts Award in the category of Machinery Parts.          Their STEPFLEX high damping performance coupling would also win the Good Design Award in 2014, and a year later their current president Koji Miki would take the reins and continue expanding the business.

Miki Pulley Electromagnetic Clutches

As well as their increasing their range of popular speed charger products, they also improved and enhanced their electromagnetic clutches. Suppliers like Yorkshire-based YB Components keep local stocks of such parts to ensure they can deliver to UK companies quickly as well all around the world.

The Miki electromagnetic clutches release, stop and hold machinery in place using electromagnetic force. There are different types of clutch available according to the method of actuation. One type is actuated electromagnetically and another is actuated by a spring. The electromagnetic-actuated variety means the clutches and brakes are operated via a current passing through a coil, while the spring-actuated clutches operated via the force of a spring when the current to the coil is closed off.

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