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Maximising an Industrial Chain’s Service Life   


As an industrial chain supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know that roller chains are one of the most common industrial components. Such industrial roller chains are used across many industries including the food and beverage industry, mining and quarrying, the marine industry, and pharmaceuticals.

Roller chains are often used as they serve two main purposes. The first is to transmit power, and the second is to move loads or convey materials. These two crucial purposes mean many industrial applications are dependent on the quality of the roller chains they use, making it important to minimise premature wear and tear to benefit from the full service life of the industrial chain.

With a regular maintenance schedule and proper care, operators of applications reliant on industrial chains can help prevent unplanned downtime which incurs unnecessary costs and time delays.

Expected Service Life of Industrial Chains

Every type of industrial roller chain has an expected service life, as the natural wear and tear of its application will eventually require it to be replaced. Such service lives can vary according to the different specifications of each industrial chain. Suppliers like Yorkshire’s YB Components can advise you as to what to expect from each industrial chain product, bearing in the mind the operational conditions the chain will be exposed to.

Eventual replacement cannot be avoided, as even the highest quality chains being used according to the exact manufacturer specifications will slowly wear down over time. The problem many operators encounter though is premature wear and tear.

With industrial roller chains consisting of a series of articulated bearings which are subjected to friction and impacts as they pass through sprockets, there is a lot of potential for premature wear and tear if the correction measures are not taken. Every single passing through the sprocket causes an element of wear on the pins and bushings, with material being very gradually worn down with each engagement of the sprocket.

There are ways to avoid premature or excess wear and tear though, so let’s look closer at how to maximise the service life of your industrials chains.

Maintain Proper Lubrication

Lubrication systems are there to prevent excess wear and tear, so make sure they are being used correctly. Always use suitable lubrication as advised by the manufacturer or an expert industrial chain supplier like Yorkshire’s YB Components.

The correct lubrication will ease sprocket engagement and cushion impacts, as well as help with heat dissipation. Also make sure to prevent the lubrication from becoming contaminated with dirt and other debris.

Maintain Shaft and Sprocket Alignment

Misalignment of the shafts and sprockets is a common cause of premature roller chain wear. The misalignment causes uneven loading across the width of the chain, which leads to premature wear of the roller chain link-plate and sprocket teeth.

There are extremely accurate laser tools available to maintain correct alignment, though a simple straight edge will also help ensure your shafts and sprockets are aligned correctly.

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